Trump’s a Cad!

What can you say about a guy who talks about forcing himself upon women?

Well… you can call him the 42nd President.

In the latest who knew! file, Mr. Trump has shown himself to be a Cad.

(I have to admit, when the story broke I had the sound off and caught it mid-way through the comments.  My first thought was it’s just more crap dug up on Bill Clinton… and it won’t matter.)

But what’s interesting this time is it does seem to matter.

So what do we make of this?

It’s simple.

I believe all Mr. Trump needs to do is come out in full defense of Abortion on Demand.  Then fire up a Team of A-Holes led by his wife, whose only purpose is to destroy the person who made the audio tape, distributed the audio tape, ever played the audio tape, ever listened to the audio tape along with their immediate and extended families. I mean, what did you think you would get when you drag a hundred-dollar bill through a television studio? Right?  This would then allow Mr. Trump to assume the Presidency and continue to practice his Kung-Fu grip with impunity even into his retirement to upstate New York.  It has worked for the Clinton’s.

I’m with all of you…

I don’t like the idea of a rapist, by the feminist definition, to be President. Yet we had one in Bill Clinton, and the ‘Feminists’ voted overwhelmingly for him – TWICE.  I guess if you look at it this way the latest discovery should bring all those votes for Bill over to Trump.

But this is Politics as Usual and Intellectual Consistency has been buried deep into the cold, cold, ground Mr Rabbit.

So now the actual Team Leader of the former Philanderer-in-Chief’s hit squad is running for President on the Democrat Socialist ticket. And… as usual, I expect the ‘Feminists’ will vote for her overwhelmingly.  Because “They’re Ready!”

No surprises there.

All of this aside…

Let’s talk about Trumps comments for a moment.

The most egregious synopsis is; Mr. Trump “is attracted to and just starts kissing beautiful women”, then in a manner which must be a metaphor but possibly not “Grabs them by their Vagina’s”… and “They let him because he’s famous”.

There you go.

What does this say about Donald Trump? What does it say about Women?  What does it say about Bill Clinton?  What does it say about Hillary Clinton?  What does it say about the press?  What does it say about you?

“IT’S JUST SEX!”   Right?

I have to confess that the underlying point Mr. Trump was making is that being RICH allows a man to be FORWARD with WOMEN in a way that most do not want to admit to be FACT. I personally think it is an “Ugly Truth”… but it’s also a biological imperative.  (Yes, Tim, you’ll have to look that up.  Makeaneffort.)

However ugly… it is a Truth none the less.

And, the Folie a Duex of Bill and Hillary Clinton did far worse, demonstrably, by destroying the lives of women across the United States than Mr. Trump has ever been accused of. If anything, it appears Donald Trump left his sexual dalliances better off as judged by the inability of the press to find anyone willing to condemn him for such ‘transgressions’.  This is not the case for Bill and Hillary Clinton.

Is he a Jerk? You bet.

Is he a Socialist… who enables the Serial Sexual Assault of Women? No, he is not.

But Hillary is.

Mr. Trump needs to apologize for being ‘coarse’ and speaking the truth when none of us want to hear it.

The Clinton’s need to apologize to over 20 women who were sexually assaulted by Bill then destroyed by Hillary… then be brought up on charges.

But that’s never going to happen… because when you’re a Socialist using FORCE to get what you want is expected and accepted, apparently be everyone.

Now back to the issues.

Even though Tim Kaine doesn’t think so, this country is in serious economic trouble, not to mention the safety of it’s citizens and the existential threat to their inalienable rights.


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13 responses to “Trump’s a Cad!

  • twistnpout

    Do you think Trump will get Billy his job back? – I just have to laugh a little at how outraged everyone is by this… especially the men who act shocked and have the nerve to lie and say…”not in my locker room – never”. Not that I am a Trump supporter, I really do not like the man for many reasons which I’m sure are the wrong reasons, but I find it silly the men who have given their public opinion on this would have us believe this kind of talk (and WORSE) would never and has never happened in any locker room or any room they have ever been in.

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    • Mike

      I find it funny Anyone is shocked by this. Trump, in all his a-holiness, expressed what every rock star has known since music was invented… Trump just put it into word then said out loud. As far as Billy getting his job back, Omarosa works for Trump… so he’ll probably get a new job in the Tower. Let me say something about the locker room talk. I think what most of use find offensive about Trumps comments is the implication that such statements are common among men. Well, I’m no prude, and I can tell you that we never, to my memory, said such stuff in the locker room or anywhere else. It’s not common most likely because contrary to popular belief guys who are getting sex don’t sit around a table and talk about it. I know it could happen, but not ‘all the time’. Frankly some of the dirtiest talk I’ve ever heard has come from the mouths of women. But that is also not an indictment, just an observation that when ugly truth is pronounce from the fairer sex it’s accepted fro what it is… the truth. I suppose it’s the projection which is causing me discomfort. Once upon a time I ran bars… and I can remember the old saw that men never ‘aimed’ when they went to the bathroom and women were always neat and tidy. While, of course, that is true to an extent regarding the guys, I will tell you that it was always the women’s bathroom where the true horror’s resided. Anyway, I have found over the years that those who ‘protest too much’ are most always the ones who do it too much… in some mysterious locker room.

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      • twistnpout

        You worked in bars and have never heard such talk come from the mouths of men? I don’t think ALL men talk like this (or all women) – and quite honestly the comments Trump said were quite tame, I thought. I just viewed the footage again and was surprised to find a warning at the beginning: “The following video contains graphic language. Viewer discretion advised” Good grief – I’ve heard worse language on pop radio stations. Well, now I must go clean my bathroom.

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  • Wish I’d Said That! (10/9/2016) – The Praetorian Writers' Group

    […] that someone else has written, that’s so well said, that it inspires envy in our hearts. This essay — over at makeaneffort — is just such a thing. It was written by the invaluable Mike, […]


  • xPraetorius

    Great, great essay, Mike! The essay I wish I’d written! In fact, I’m going to link to it as one of our “Wish I’d Said That” features.


    — x

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  • ~Deb

    YES! He is!! That’s the point – that’s WHY we voted for him in the Primaries and WHY he WON and beat out 16 other Cad-LESS Presidential Candidates…WHY? Because WE WANT CHANGE! We’ve already had the JV Cad-LESS Team…NOT impressed!

    We need someone who will go after ISIS and WIN! We need someone who will go after Barbarians who captured 300 Christian Virgins – raped them repeatedly and/or sold them into human slavery, and our Cad-LESS Wonder(s) stood by and watched and did NOTHING. We need someone who will defend our great country and her citizenship for the first time in almost 8 years. We need someone who has the Brass to stand up to likes of Putin and put him in his place…FINALLY!

    Boys Behaving Badly on a Bus talking trash about women w/their bar room/locker room banter is offensive to me – NO excuses! As a Mother of 4 – two boys/two girls, the ‘boys’ knew, IF they ever talked trash like that, AFTER apologizing to their sisters for their inexcusable behavior, they’d be doing their sisters’ chores for a week! I’ve reminded my two brothers while growing up on a farm, IF they used the P***Y term one more time – they would NOT be walking upright for a week! And I ALWAYS kept my promises, they will attest 😉

    Here’s the thing. We need SOMEONE with some brass and probably a bit rough around the edges to face and defeat the BAD guys/girls in our world today – because they too, are NOT Cad-LESS. He/TRUMP stepped up, we voted for him in the Primaries. Now we’re ALL shocked and shaken he is who HE IS…seriously? Grow some skin for crying out loud and get over it…Fast! Time is running out!!

    You know what this reminds me of – the hound and the rabbit. The Dems keep releasing a ‘Trump story/rabbit’ and the MSM and Establishment Repubs keep chasing that rabbit/bait…STOP already. STOP being played by the Dems for God’s sake. STOP going on defense over past issues regarding our Presidential Candidate who WE overwhelmingly voted for and start DEFENDING our Presidential Candidate and our/your Vote…before it’s TOO late and we end up helping the Dems elect the unthinkable…HRC…parish the thought! Enough is ENOUGH!

    Change is at our doorstep, embrace it, Run to it – VOTE FOR CHANGE, Vote TRUMP!!!

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  • insanitybytes22

    I’m shocked, shocked I tell ya, indignant, outraged, offended. Why, I’ve never heard such language, not ever, not in music lyrics or on TV or in a bar or just about anywhere….

    I also had no idea men were attracted to beautiful women and want to kiss them! How very odd. I’m also quite certain no woman would ever let them do that, especially not rich and famous men because that would be kind of like, I don’t know…. a bit mercenary and self serving perhaps? 🙂

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    • Mike

      Yes… it’s important to save up all that “feeling offended” and dispense it selectively.

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      • insanitybytes22

        “It is obvious that the media has decided who the winner of this election should be; but by so grossly overplaying its hand, the media has lost all credibility as a source for objective facts and surrendered its role as a neutral arbiter of political discourse.”

        -Ben Carson

        I love the man dearly, but if that is not the most willfully stupid comment ever. Of course the media is the arbitrator and has been for sometime now.

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        • Mike

          I like Ben too. But that Dog set Sail 60-years ago. It’s amazing how much those we assume know so much don’t know. This came home for me during the last debate when Hillary Clinton was talking about cyber-security… Hillary Clinton… cyber-security… and Trump missed that “drop the mic” moment. Same with the Financial Collapse comment from her. If the banks were the bad actors, then it was Chris Dodd, Barney Frank and her Husband who BUILT THE STAGE upon which they were able to perform. Another “Thank you for electing me!” and walk off the stage moment for Trump. I just don;t think they know any of this stuff… I can think of no other reason. Where’s their staff?

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