“Why do people Hate Capitalism?”

(I’m addressing this as it shows up in my ‘top search’ stats almost daily.)

The reason so many people Hate Capitalism is because we are all being told, via the Mass Media and our Leftist Elected Officials World over, that Fascism is Capitalism.

Read the above line again… slowly… I’ll wait.


OK then.  Here we go.

Fascism is not Capitalism.  Capitalism is not Fascism.  The two are mutually exclusive.

Fascism is simply a variant of Socialism.  It provides for private ownership of business as long as the businesses, and the owners, are controlled by Government via taxation, regulation, party membership, political dictate etc.  That’s the only difference.  All other aspects of Fascism are purely Socialist in nature.

The above sets up a model where it appears Corporations Control Government… and that ‘control’ allows them to profit utilizing Government Force.  While this is true, it’s only half right.  Well, not exactly half right… it’s actually half right but reversed.

It is Government Force which controls Business and that Force places Business in the position of having to support Politicians.

There it is.

It’s always Force…

So the truth is found in the other half of the equation.  When you realize that the politicians use this power, or the threat of it, so they can extort donations (most often in the most subtle, gentle and softly insidious ways) from the business owners, you gave arrived at understanding the state we are currently in.

But, as is typical, the Left intentionally sees only half of the problem.  They want you to blame the Corporations and never the Government.

But you can’t Blame the Corporations and not also Blame the Government…

The Federal Government was never intended to have the power which business owners would find attractive enough to enter into such an incestuous relationship.

So now that you understand the problem, what do we do about it?

The only way to get to real Free-Market Capitalism is to remove the ability of Force from the Federal Government over Business.

What this means is Polticians at the Federal must be returned to their previous state of limit upon their power to grant favors and create ‘barriers to entry’ within the market place.

Once removed, businesses will not be incented to give large sums of money to elected officials save for ideological reasons.

This would go a long way to restoring the United States to its once great place in the World.

At the end of the day, the Left will always Hate Capitalism, and the Voluntary Exchange associated with it, because it does not require the ‘brilliance’ of their control.  It works just fine without their help.  Clearly Administrators will never like such an idea.

If you’re a person who thinks they know what’s best for everyone else… Freedom and Liberty of the Individual combined with the Natural Right to be secure in one’s property… all protected by Free markets and Constitutionally Limited Government… are extraordinarily crappy ideas.  And whatever it takes to gain and maintain control over others will be preferred to truth.

For the rest of us, we have to recognize we are being lied to about what Capitalism is.

And we must recognize its intentional.

The Socialists hope we’ll think Capitalism is the root of all Evil, when in fact it’s Socialism that Sucks.


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