To All Who Care…

I have changed my Gravatar name to Happy Burn Scar. I feel it reflects, not only my crack pipe blistered lips, but the way I like my forest… clean like charcoal and smelling fresh like burnt 2×4’s. Kind of the way Mescal tastes.

Please honor my decision and refer to me, from this day forward, as Mike. Or, Mister Happy Burn Scar. Either way, I’m good.

For all of you Who Don’t Care… so everybody… I’m just trying to make sure I don’t have to shoot anybody at my front door. If any of you want to come over, you still can… just make sure your hands are full of beer. Even then, be ready to drop the beer and run if things go south. Just remember to drop the beer.


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2 responses to “To All Who Care…

  • David

    dear Mr. Happy Burn Scar,

    it WAS the ol’ switcheroo, you were not halucinating. i wanted that bottle of Zinfandel that you brought me from Napa. When i realized that was the bottle she grabbed to accompany the skeleton, i pulled a fast one.


    • Mike

      Ah! A cleverly couched product placement ad for Kenwood… boy, you Big Vineyard guys will stop at nothing. Well, you’re not going to get me to mention Kenwood Vineyards Zinfandel, let alone the City of Napa California… Or St. Helena, or Yountville even. Not even Sonoma County. Nope. No way.


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