Hillary Does Not Like Weiner.

Not sure there is much more to add here…

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7 responses to “Hillary Does Not Like Weiner.

  • thirdnews

    I forgot that Huma worked for Hillary -who didn’t have that fly-on-the-wall fantasy when Huma cried on Hillary’s shoulder about her husband’s whoring being subjected to a vast-right-wing conspiracy?

    I’m starting to think the Dems need to change their campaign motto from “Yes, we can” to “Save our penises from the Republicans”


  • thirdnews

    Bill Clinton spokesman Matt McKenna told Politico, “President Clinton has too many friends in this race who have been good to him and his family. He wishes them all well, but won’t be getting involved.”

    Neither is Bill sucking-up but I think he’s a that point in his life where he just likes to watch


    • Mike

      We all knew long ago that Bill didn’t like Weiner. Frankly, the only person who has a firm grasp of Weiner is Huma. And her encouragement is probably why he is standing firm in the face of his opposition.


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