Liberal Physiology

Vote with your Vagina.


So this brings up a number of questions… and an answer.

The Answer is: This is why we have repeatedly pushed so hard and fast for touch screen voting machines.

(While possible, the difficulty associated with holding a writing utensil and using it effectively is prohibitive… and could be considered discriminatory against men, or at least those men without vagina’s.)

But on to the questions;

Who will be in charge of counting the absentee ballots?

Are there Sanitary Guidelines in effect regarding this practise?  If so, what are they and who enforces them?

Will there be free “vote control” provided in order to mitigate any unwanted outcomes?  If so, Do you take it before or immediately after if you suspect something went wrong?

Will the booths need to be lowered to meet certain OSHA regulations?  This could shut the entire process down and disenfranchise 51% of the Vagina Voting population.  We must be careful.

Will picture ID need to be presented prior to voting?  Will it need to be State issued?  Or will amateur photo’s be acceptable?

Will the ballots need to be in Braille?  Or is there some other equally satisfactory substitute?  I just don’t know as I tend not to travel in these circles.  A Vagina focus group maybe?  I’m sure someone has some ideas.

Could this open the door to other body parts suing for equal protection?  Say, one’s anus?  Or… as ridiculous as this will sound, one’s brain?  The implications down the road might be unwanted.

Once your Vagina has voted, do you still have a say in the election?  Or will it only be your vagina that can speak for your choice?  I’ve heard that they deliver great monologues.

Should we have mock elections in Middle Schools where we promote Vagina voting?  I think the kids would really enjoy getting involved in the process… just a thought.  And this leads to the next question;

What is the age of Majority for Vagina’s?  Puberty?  Or do we keep 18?

I know these are incredibly difficult questions in many regards… I believe some scientifically repeated, in-depth, study would be wise.

But I’m not a Leftist.

In all seriousness, Can anyone imagine such a campaign coming from the Conservative or Libertarian camps?

Me neither.

And if it did it would be met with derision… as it should be now.

These people are fools.

(Update:  A number of you have asked me about the unusual (Some of you said “odd” and one of you said “diseased”) color chosen for the “Twibbon” at the above link.  From what I understand, the creators were taking a que from the Iraqi elections.  Instead of dipping ones thumb, you would dip your vagina in bright purple ink… not only signifying how you voted but your pride in doing so, for all to see.  Hope that helps.)


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