It’s not my problem, I pay taxes!

When everybody owns it, nobody owns it.

Why is there a right so important that we do everything we can to give it away?  When our freedoms are under constant attack why do we freely hand this one over to those who wish to take them away in the first place?  It strikes at the heart of what I believe is the difference between conservatives vs. liberal/statists.  It’s the question of ownership of our problems.

When I saw the charitable donations of those who wish to “lead” us (somehow we need to get back to “represent”…) I was appalled.  Those who run on a platform of caring more about you than you do seem to donate the least to organizations that actually provide help.  After thinking about this it started to make sense.

We, as a society, have abdicated our personal sense of responsibility to the government.  We have taken the communal approach to “helping” those in need which we think absolves us of having to deal with issues directly.  Now there are generations of us who think because we pay taxes that should be enough.  We sit back and complain about too little being done while doing nothing.  We volunteered to have our money taken from us for this purpose, what more do you want?

When confronted with the same problem year after year (say… the homeless) we throw up our hands and see no solution but to take more money from other people and keep giving it to the government so they can take care of it.  Unfortunately, unless you measure the success of government programs for the needy by their increasingly bloated size and the number of bureaucrats getting your money, then they must be viewed as colossal failures.  The problems never go away, but at least their not your problems anymore… right?

Not that long ago local organizations would provide assistance for the needy.  The administration of the help was local and easy for all to see which put a damper on fraud and waste because you were right there to see it if it happened.  The organizations also had the ability to deny aid if they felt they were being taken advantage of… while the person asking for it had the ability to cross the street and ask an alternate organization if they felt they were also being wronged.  This system worked.  It worked well in fact.

But being close to home always made it easy to see, which made us feel guilty.  It made us feel like we should have to participate.  Eeewww….  peer pressure!  So instead we have opted to give up our right to say “no” and allow the Statists to force our participation by taking our money instead of asking for it.

We decided to “give” to the Statists our responsibility to fix these things so we don’t have to.  And, to no ones surprise the big government Statists were more than willing to “help”.  Instead of saying,

(Begin dream sequence.)

“No.  I’m sorry but the constitution purposely forbids us from doing anything like this.  Why would you want to give up control over such an important right anyway?…”,

(End dream sequence.)

The Statists employed the amazing efficiency associated with the federal government, the results were predictable.  Higher taxes, fraud, waste and bloated new agencies siphoning off the dollars that might actually help.  And… the problems have only become worse.

So now these previously successful organizations have to compete with the government.  Their donations have dwindled. Their infrastructure and ability to provide aid has suffered.  They find themselves having to beg for funding from… wait for it… the government!  Think about this for a moment… I used to be able to give a dollar directly to an organization who might use three-fourths of that to help a person in need.

Now I have my money taken from me for this purpose by the government and they pay a series of bureaucrats to determine which charity deserves the funding.  This agency then metes out the twenty cents left over to the charity.  (Yes, I know I can still give a dollar directly to the charity but I no longer have that dollar because the government has confiscated it.)

We will own our freedoms only so long as we own our responsibilities.

Stop being so quick to give them away.

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