Superbowl Winner.

Does it matter who wins the Superbowl?
I’m sure it does to the Patriots fans as I’m sure it does to the Giants fans.

But what I’m asking is, does it really matter?

Will your life be effected if your team loses?  (If you’re gambler then, yes… I get it.)

You can keep reading, this isn’t some diatribe on how sports are ridiculous and a waste of time etc. In fact, I think sports are one of the few opportunities still available for the world to see a meritocracy in action. For Americans the Superbowl is an annual affirmation for the benefits associated with competition.  We should try applying it in other areas of our lives more often.
However, it strikes me as interesting that millions of fans know more about; how the game is played, who the best players are and why, the distinct characteristics of the coaches and their records etc. Some even know the type of turf each stadium has and the stats for the team mascot.  The problem I have with this is that whoever wins cannot totally screw up your life…  (right… unless you’re a gambler…)
Your asking about now, what does he mean? Does this guy have a point?

Well, every two years we have elections in this country. It’s my contention that had we paid as much attention to our elected officials over the last 60+ years as we do our sports, we wouldn’t be in the mess we are in right now.
Then there is the other side of the coin.

It is also my contention that too many of us handle our politics the same way we root for our favorite team. We are the “fair weather fans”.  We don’t pay much attention unless “our” team is winning then we may watch them during the regular season but certainly in the play-offs. We don’t really know anything about the players or the coach, but our parents were “fans” when we were kids and/or we grew up close to where the team plays so we’re “fans”. It’s enough that we have a jersey. Right?
Unfortunately this is also how many people vote.

So between the hyper-focus to the exclusion of what truly matters and the cursory focus on what we think matters spells for electoral results that leave us wishing we had bought the case instead of the twelve pack at the grocery store.  And, it’s our fault.
My suggestion is we get as excited about elections as we do about our football, baseball and basketball.(I would add golf but… seriously?) Then we learn as much as possible in regard to the characteristics of the candidates, their professed political philosophies and then what they actually believe in based on their actions. It wouldn’t hurt to know their districts and the kind of turf they have…  Then and only then do we go vote.

“But sports are way more exciting!” you say.  I agree in many regards, but the Boston Patriots are not going to raise your taxes and the New Jersey Giants don’t have the ability to spend the country into oblivion.  The above described political contestants do.

So focus your energy on what matters and take off your “party jersey” that your parents gave you.  Learn about the difference between Free-market Capitalism vs. Democratic Socialism.  Understand and be able to identify what camps these politicians belong too even when they tell you something different as they are all prone to do.  Because these guys can and do screw up our lives on a regular basis… legally… with your permission…

(Pay attention to sports too… like I said, it may best the last arena we have to see actual competition.  Time for a beer… game’s about to start.)

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0 responses to “Superbowl Winner.

  • Rusty Shackleford

    There’s really only two viable teams to choose from that have any chance of winning the “super bowl.” When faced with two evils, one should always choose the lesser of them. Which is exactly why Ron Paul is running Republican. A lot of the problems in our country go above the bi-partisan issue and spill into just having some damn sense, any sense at all. Thanks to the media and TV for dumbing down the general population enough to not care about much other than issues like who said what, and what happened on whatever reality show last night. Politicians should be held to a higher moral standard than the average citizen and need to be responsible for their decisions. It’s our responsibility to make sure that’s happening.


  • Erika Swan

    These are great thoughts, Mike! We should get jerseys made with “Republican” as the team name and wear it on election day. It is not just about being on a winning team, capitalism is a winning idea that we should all fight to protect.


  • Sue Black

    You’re right, Mike! We all need to be pro-active this year. It could definitely affect our lives. We are going to our local Boulder caucus,
    Tuesday night–that’s a first for us! Sue


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