They’re back.

Like roaches, the filthy rich kids found their way back once they were no longer treated for.

The barricades have been removed and Zuccotti park has yet again been infested by the not-so-great unwashed.  While I support and even promote protesting… I only respect honesty.  These kids are the useful idiots of the left and if they know it they refuse to be honest about it when asked.  Unfortunately for the rest of us the audience they seek are those fellow travelers whose parents and/or the taxpayers overpaid for a craptastic and largely irrelevant education.  Because of this the consumers of the nebulous and overwhelmingly indecipherable “occupy” message are not capable of recognizing it for leftist/statist political theory.  They absorb a mind numbing dose of words they don’t understand strung together in something vaguely similar to sentences while nodding enthusiastically in agreement.  In agreement to what they seem unable to explain to any interested soul who’s up to date on their vaccinations and brave enough to venture down to the biohazard they call a camp and ask.  Ironically the most cogent statements made by the group of homeless middle-class dirt merchants thus far is when they complain that their MacBook Pro was stolen from the ironically unoccupied tent they didn’t sleep in last night because they went back to their “one percenters” parents’ home where it was warm.

I know this seems unreasonably harsh, it’s meant to be.  If the “occupy” kids were protesting something they understood I would have a different take.  Sadly, even when some foolhardy journalists attempt to have civil discourse and get these kids to think about what they are saying, and for that matter protesting, the knee jerk “resistance to fact reaction” they were taught in public school goes into overdrive.  (I should know, I’m a product of  those same schools.)  Shouting and sarcasm seem to pass for reasoned debate.  At least it provides entertaining YouTube viewing.

The real shame is our own.  Capitalism has never been taught.  These kids are protesting Fascism and they are doing it by demanding MORE of it.  The circular logic will hurt your head.  It’s time to engage these amateur adults who will soon or have just started voting and supply them with the tools necessary to make informed decisions regarding free markets and limited government.  And soap.  And where to defecate.

In my protesting the protestors I propose they get a message they can enunciate.  So this part is for them; Hey vagrants, if it is Socialism you want then say it.  If it is more Fascism you want then say that…  But do us all a favor and save us from your inanity until you figure it out.  When you do, please come back and we’ll listen.


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One response to “They’re back.

  • david

    you summed this one up in your “getting started” post.

    when everyone who participates gets a trophy, a whole generation of young people miss a life lesson that eventually slaps them in the face when they get out into the real world.

    there are winners and losers in life.

    “life isn’t fair” can be a tough one to swallow when you are introduced to it for the first time when you’re 21 years old.

    shame on their parents!


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