Our first Gay President?


Give me a minute, I’m pouring a scotch.

So… I haven’t read the story yet in Newsweek, but I just don’t understand why a happy President would warrant the cover of a reputable news periodical.
Barack Obama is one of the most joyful leaders this country has ever had… on that I’m sure we can all agree. But I just can’t think he is the first.  There must have been many.

Given the amazing amount of time and money he and his family spend uplifting their spirits, it is no surprise to me that he is glee-full. I mean being President is pretty cool! You get to fly around in your own jet… so does your wife… so does the dog…  You can smoke all you want and the press doesn’t hassle you…  You get to eat cheeseburgers and fries with communists… You get to spend all our money, and all of our future money, making everything better…
Heck, you even get to have a Nobel Peace Prize for… well… nothing. You did nothing. That is so cool! No wonder you feel Gay! Who wouldn’t?
So I say; “You be as gay as you can be Mr. President!”
Get out there and get all sweaty and excited playing basketball with those big, muscular, professional NBA friends of yours. Spend as much time as you can late at night in the houses of Hollywood celebrities doing whatever Hollywood celebrities do late at night… in their houses.
Celebrate your diversity like you did with that made-up girlfriend in your book and catch a broadway musical!  I’ve heard nothing can make you feel gayer than memorizing the words to the songs!

Because, the last thing this country needs is a pouting president.
So keep that frown upside down… and go get’m tiger!

I finished my scotch.


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4 responses to “Our first Gay President?

  • david

    i can usually “get” your message and humor but i’m sorry to admit that this one flew right over my head. can you lob me one that i can hit? what’s your point on this post?


    • Mike

      My point is the many, many levels of ridiculousness associated with this new push by those who champion the Obama Administration. But the primary problem I have with it is the continued effort to balkanize the population. (So… only the naive could think this is anything else. So I wrote it from the perspective of being naive. Or Sarcastic. Or actually both.)
      This divide and conquer in regard to every facet of our physical make-up rather than ideology is dangerous at best. Socialism has “ruled the roost” for almost 100 years and is the reason we are at the cliff’s edge staring into the fiscal abyss. The few genuinely intelligent Leftists know their ideology is a loser and in their persistent effort to cling to power they must divide us all into groups… either by sexual preference, or means, or color, or religion etc. As far as I’m concerned we should be Individuals (the ultimate minority) first and always. And, if you genuinely think this to be the truth then you can see how a person would fail to understand how Bill Clinton can be our first Black President and what anyone could mean by calling President Obama our first gay one.

      It was also a very, very limited illustration of the amount of time, focus and our money spent on private celebrity concerts in the White House, party’s, vacations and golf, not to mention the current drive to raise funds for the re-election campaign. What appears to me to a blatant disregard to how your money is spent. And you can’t forget the “being cool simply because you’re a Socialist” which earned him a Nobel Peace Prize. (There is the added bonus paid to “lying to my diary” when he fabricated a girlfriend in his own book, read by him on tape, so he could show readers how white people are all racist… they just don’t recognize it.) Regardless of party, we should always be watching our officials and making sure they know we are watching. Politics and Economics are divided along ideological lines… not skin color or sexual preference. Just because you’re Black doesn’t make you a socialist any more than being gay does. And, the fact that we use these labels as if it does irritates me.

      Then there is the simple irony of Newsweek creating a cover they think will “help” the candidate of their choice when it actually makes him look like a clown. (This is funny to me due to the amount of time and effort spent managing his image by his handlers. Leno made a comment a couple weeks ago that Democrats don’t like to make fun of themselves the way republicans do. I wonder if Obama is laughing?)

      Sorry I was not clear enough. I’ll make an effort to improve.

      Cheers – Mike.


    • Mike

      After a few minutes of thought, I have a simple, powerful and direct response to your comment. Sorry it took me this long…

      These messages are created to divide.

      The only divisions that should exist are those between the subjugation of Socialism and the freedom of the individual provided by free-market Capitalism and a constituitonally limited government as provided by the founders of the U.S.


  • danmillerinpanama

    Reblogged this on danmillerinpanama and commented:
    I am just tickled so pink about His happiness that I can barely contain myself. Soon, with the economy well along the path to recovery and the end of war on the horizon, we will all be happy too.


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