The “cinnamon challenge”…

(Again I am reminded of this piece by something I learned last night.   Apparently there is a ‘thing’ called “Phone Dares” where one is paid by accepting a Dare and performing it on video for verification.  It’s fascinating to see biological imperatives in action and the way the Herd is driven to find ways to Thin itself… Originally posted: 042712)

Grappling with my boredom regarding the GOP primary and lying low, so to speak, until something caught my attention I’m provided a gift. It’s called the cinnamon challenge.
Apparently there is a “craze” on the Myface or MeToob, or whatever, that involves the swallowing of a spoonful of ground cinnamon. I see little difference in this action from uncle Bob eating himself into a diabetic coma… just more efficient.  Brilliant.
Just when I thought that we humans had come up with the most ingenious methods of self-destruction from “huffing” spray paint to auto-erotic affixiation, I am yet again surprised. (Well… not really.) The evolutionary process is relentless.
While I could make a number of additional suggestions that might require a little dark humor to appreciate, most of the best ones already have warning labels attached and as demonstrated by the latest “challenge” there is a real possibility that many individuals would give my suggestions a try.
I have mixed feelings regarding this behaviour. My very small and atrophied compassionate side does not want to see these folks kill themselves. My more practised rational side finds the whole phenomena interesting and possibly helpful in terms of removing these people from the gene pool by… How did Romney put it? Self deportation?…

I have long been an advocate for removing all warning labels on items such as beds and bleach as it is my belief that if you’re too stupid to know not to knock down a glassful, or start your campfire on it, then you fail the “should I reproduce?” test.
(I know there are children involved… but first, children cannot read… and second, shouldn’t have a yet established a Marlboro habit.)
So, I say “you go guys!”  And, “humanity thanks you.”

If you’re at a loss, or not particularly creative,`there are a great many little bottles of things in your spice cabinet you can try out. If you survive that space in your house I might suggest the garage be your next stop, or under the kitchen sink. If you can’t afford the necessary items there is always the spice and cleaning aisles at your local grocery store.
I can hear the “nanny-staters” screaming now about how there should be a law requiring an ID to purchase ground spices, or some other such nonsense.  (But NEVER to vote of course, that would be ridiculous.)

I think the best response should be to sit back and wait… do nothing. Eventually there will not be any of these people left and generations from now we’ll all be better for it.


In a challenge to my statement that “children cannot read”, I have been reminded that in the United States you are considered a child until your 26th birthday.  – True… however, I would offer that given the performance of the public school system, the idea that a 26 year-old “child” cannot read remains extremely high and thus my point remains sound.

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