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The Evil Twin

Could it be this simple?

An angry, identical, sibling demanding every favor ever accumulated be cashed in on the attempt to keep custody of her children under threat of “blowing the whistle” if she doesn’t get her way… and meaning it.

It appears that an unacknowledged act of war has led to the exposure of domestic extortion between sisters.

Patreaus, Allen, Broadwell and Kelley are dealing with the Evil Twin.

While I’m angry that WE are talking about this at all, I have to confess that I haven’t enjoyed this cliché as much as I am right now since Dean Koontz wrote about Santa Clause.

However, I have about 30 seconds of my attention left for this matter because I just can’t seem to get over our best and brightest being gunned down, suffocated and sodomized.

Forget Kahwam and this pathetic soap opera…

Remember Stevens, Woods, Smith and Doherty.

And try to remember Terry, Zapata and hundreds of innocent Mexican citizens.