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They Just Came Here Looking for Laps

Undocumented Chihuahua’s are overwhelming authorities in Maryvale Arizona, a suburb of Phoenix.

These Working Dogs have been suffering through the lack of Health Care, Inability to Read or Speak Our Language and Inability to Legally Drive.

Now with the downturn of the U.S. Economy and a resulting lack of Lap’s to occupy they have been forced to run rampant through the Streets of Phoenix.

As if a red flag has been raised, authorities have noted an increase in “Low to the Ground” and “Very Small” Tagging throughout Maryvale which was once an up-and-coming suburb of Phoenix.

Law Enforcement is facing an uphill battle as this phenomena has taken them by surprise.

“Our Facilities are full, and we just don’t have enough officers.” – said an anonymous Patrolman who asked to keep his identity confidential due to security concerns.  “But you can’t blame them for this situation.  They came here to fill the lap’s American Dog’s wouldn’t… this is a tough problem which at first glance by the rest of the country appears extremely small, but it’s not.  We’re doing our best to deal with it with the limited resources available.”

In an attempt to address overcrowding, Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio has built a 3-acre Tent Doghouse.  The Canines who reside in what has become known as The Pound are required to wear Bright Pink collars at all times.  The ASPCA has launched several lawsuits in opposition to this treatment on the grounds of it being undignified, cruel and unusual.  Those Chihuahuas we were able to interview at The Pound didn’t appear to care.  In fact, many of them seemed used to this type of treatment.

In the End,

These Proud Canines have found themselves in Desperate need of Help over the last several years.

In response, ACORN has initiated a massive Emergency Program and established a base of operations in Maryvale.

While the ACORN program has not succeeded in addressing the Hungry and Homeless problems, they Have been able to Register well over 23,000 of the undocumented canines to Vote in Arizona and Federal Elections.  ACORN has also issued a number of press releases speaking out against those who refer to the Chihuahua’s as “illegal”, “small” and “lap dogs”.  Representatives from the Community Organizing Group suggest all those addressing the topic should refer to the Chihuahuas as “Migrating”, “Canine” or at the very least “Size Challenged”.

We have attempted to contact LULAC but have not received a response to date.

In a related issue, the neighboring State of New Mexico has offered to help by issuing Drivers Licenses to those Canines who want them so they can legally drive.  The idea is also that these newly licensed drivers will come out of the shadows and get insurance thus boosting the regional economy.

While we may not know what the future holds for Maryvale and Communities like it one thing is for sure, there will be no Sudden Moves without everybody hearing about it.

Next week we will interview local Border Patrol and their battle with Coyote’s.