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A small tradition…

You will be reminded today that on 9/11 2001 Terrorist A-Holes drove airplanes full of innocent people into buildings full of innocent people, killing over 3000.

These 19 Rich, Well Educated, Islamist Radicals who grew up with all the benefits of what we consider the middle and upper classes in their respective countries decided that they would make a point by striking at the symbolic heart of American economic prosperity and military prowess.
This reminder is appropriate and should serve to illustrate the stark, fundamental differences between those who strive to support equal rights for every individual versus those who wish to subject others to an oppressive mindset designed by elitists to secure their positions of power and create permanent class structures.
We may find ourselves feeling somewhat impotent when it comes to 9/11. You will, at some point, somewhere in the back of your mind ask yourself what can I do that really matters today in recognition of this horrible attack on economic freedom and liberty?
I have for the last 16 years had a simple way to say FU to those who would attack us this way. I look for one thing I do not need, and I buy it.  It’s purposely gratuitous.
It doesn’t have to be expensive… it simply has to be unneeded. It’s my small, perfect way of supporting the free economy these a-holes wish to destroy.  It’s American.
So, just once a year in the honor of those who died due to a very twisted ideology framed around the oppression of mankind I go out and spend…  Sometimes a lot, sometimes a little… but never on something I need.
I hope all of you will find a small, affordable, easy, way to recognize this day.

Cheers to Freedom and Liberty.  Cheers to knowing what those words really mean.  And Cheers to knowing who those are that wish to deny you those Natural Rights.


So Why do We Need DHS?

Has anyone been wondering lately why we need the Department of Homeland Security?

Or have we just grown to accept that The Department of Homeland Security must be needed… for some reason… a reason none of us can explain, much like the Department of Education. They exist, therefore they must be needed.

Do you think there could be administrators within the FBI who might be more than a little put off by the idea that what was once (and supposedly still is) their responsibility has been taken over by a brand new politically run, seemingly all-powerful, militarized organization?

Have we all forgotten why the Posse Comitatus Act was good law?  I will remind you that the governors of each state have the National Guard at their disposal should a military presence be required during a state of emergency… not to mention State, County and Local Police, so why was the Act changed?

Do you honestly think we need the DHS to “oversee” the TSA (Transportation Security Administration)?  The TSA is made up largely of those deemed unfit for the military, police, highschool etc. charged with touching you in places you wouldn’t allow your parents to touch you, as well as viewing images of you that would typically prevent you from getting a normal job.  We might throw in the Border Patrol needing oversight… but really?  Frankly it seems to me that the Border Patrol was doing a better job prior to DHS’ political interference.  But isn’t that axiomatic?  Everyone does better without political interference.

So back to the FBI… it’s early, but I sense something going on under the radar.

It appears to me that the FBI is mustering its newly “liberated” man power and going after voter fraud and political corruption.

Considering the Leftists in this country rely heavily on institutional corruption, this turn of events cannot be welcome.

And… given that the Leftists are now in control of this country, I can’t imagine this latest onslaught targeting their livelihood can be allowed to continue.

I mentioned earlier that DHS is politically run.  It is.  But the FBI is a very different story.

The FBI has long prized its political independence, and that’s the problem… independence.  Statists cannot tolerate independence, in any form.  It Takes a Village… so long as it’s a Socialist Village.

I think many of the same questions I have asked above are being asked privately throughout our Law Enforcement community.

Remember the days of old when jurisdiction was fought over regarding certain crimes?  Here’s how it used to go… law enforcement is called and local (police), county (sheriff) and state (State Patrol, Troopers, Marshalls) show up.  Among them they figure out who has jurisdiction given the circumstance of the crime committed.  Then… helicopter in the FBI in suit and ties.  Groans abound… and the FBI “takes over”.  (I know this is a bit of a Hollywood cliché but stay with me.)  The FBI was on the scene and they were the highest power… until now.  NOW five armored personnel carriers roll up accompanied by HALO dropped infantry from our politically run Federal Security Bureau all supervised from above by a MC-130 gunship.

So I ask again… Why do we need this?

There might be someone out there brave enough to assert; “But Terrorist’s A-holes blew up the World Trade Center!  And, we had all the information to stop it!”

There are a great many books outlining that event and the moments leading up to it.  I will refer you to the “government approved” version called The 9/11 Commission Report.

All of the information was not in the same place… and the reason it was not in the same place is the responsibility of one person: Jamie Gorelick.

Because of her actions the Citizens of the U.S. are punished.  The Towers fell and we have highschool dropouts massaging us in ways we would usually have to pay extra for while lying to our spouses about it ever happening.

She is also why we have the DHS, a needless layer of bureaucracy with no apparent purpose but to allow massively new political influence over law enforcement.

Let’s pretend that it wasn’t her fault for a moment, since that’s how the birth of the DHS was justified in the first place.  This makes the mere existence of DHS an indictment of the FBI.  Previously the FBI was in charge of all things domestic.  If it wasn’t Jamie’s fault for creating barriers to the free exchange of information between foreign and domestic spy agencies, then the FBI was at fault because… because… well just because.

If you were the special FBI guy in charge… do you think that watching what we are all watching from the outside might rub you the wrong way?

Anyway… I just find some of what I’m seeing to be a bit more than a simple turf war.  It makes for interesting news watching.

But do us all a favor and start asking (again) “Why do we need a DHS?”

I want your answers… I can’t seem to find any good ones of my own.  I don’t think the FBI can either.