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Oh Please, Please, Please, please, PLEEEEEEAZZZZZ….!

I had skipped this nugget until today, but I noticed that George Stephanopoulos’ wife has gone on the record stating they will be moving to Canada should Trump Win. To date I have had little reason, save Melania and the rabid endorsements from the GOP Establishment, to vote for Trump. It has officially changed.

I can think of no better reason, which is a tall order considering the amount of time I spend thinking about Melania, to vote for Trump than the result being George Stephanopoulos moving to Canada.

Who better than the guy who commanded the “Bimbo Eruption” team tasked with destroying Bill Clinton’s “Cookies”, as he referred to them? Who better than George, the person who took orders directly from Hillary Clinton to harass, impugn and embarrass those women who had done nothing but inadvertently been within 10 feet of the Philanderer and Chief?

Yes… I know there are myriad Liberal Leftist Actors threatening to leave the country, but I’m old enough to know they will remain right here and enjoy the fruit of Capitalism by pulling down the ridiculous sums associated with how entertaining we find professional lying. They’re Liars… that’s what they do.

But the prospect of watching truly terrible people, genuine Elitists, who cloak themselves in the mantle of Objective Americanism and command the respect of vacuous millions excites me like a fine single malt. The anticipation is immense.


Of course I know that George will stay too…  as will his horrid Socialist wife…

Just as I know the enjoyment of that old rare scotch will slowly fade away.

However, I will take solace that she said it Out Loud.  I prefer to know where one stands…

I prefer my Soviets in Uniform, with Bullhorns.

They’re easier to avoid that way.

(George, The question remaining is, will Canada take you?  Have you checked?  Why not Russia, China or France?  How about Uzbekistan?  El Salvador?  Tanzania?  Bosnia?  Libya?  I’m willing to bet that very same single malt that you could set up a go-fund me page and get your move to any of these countries paid for, and expedited.)