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A Political Correction

Following the latest Gallup Polling numbers… it is no longer about Losing the Presidency.

For the Democrats, It’s now about losing Everything.

There were many politicians who rode the coat-tails of Obama into office. most were wiped out in the Mid-terms… it seems we are about to see part II of this phenomena.

We have seen Democrat “Heavy Weights” chime in on Libya…

Now we are hearing chirps of concern from the Leftists in congress.

And so it begins

The Democrats are very worried about the “down ticket” and how their candidates will fair with exceptionally low Liberal combined with high Conservative turnout.  Obama’s hope of retaining his current job will now be written off and all effort will be turned to preserving what’s left of the Socialists in Congress.  It will be all about damage control at this point.
This should be a relief to our President since he is clearly tired of the job.


The First Debate…

Well, I should give credit where credit is due.

Kudo’s to Stephanie Cutter and David Axelrod for orchestrating the “take expectations of Obama’s performance lower than ever previously thought possible” campaign, and… to their candidate for delivering on them.


Also, credit for Jim Lehrer trying to lead the President to cogent answers. Watching Obama flail for the first half of the debate was beginning to get painful even for me. Nice try Jim…

It was so bad, I almost felt sorry for our current President… but then I would remind myself that he is a horrid Socialist and what fleeting empathy I had diminished immediately.

Obama’s chickenssssssss, have come hoooommmme to rooooosssst…  (A shout out to Reverend Wright…)

Keep in mind, It wasn’t that Romney was THAT good. He was OK.  Just OK.

It was that Obama was THAT bad.  Seriously BAD.

Sans the teleprompter he had nowhere to go but the packaged responses he had practised for the last three days.  There were a couple of moments I thought he might get physically ill.  The first “vomit take” in a Presidential debate.  (I wonder if they’ll trot that one out… “President Obama wasn’t felling well.”  I wouldn’t feel well either if I had his track record to defend.)

I believe he would have had a far better performance if he had just come out and admitted he was a Socialist then argued from that standpoint. Unfortunately for the President, and his party, they have far too much invested in trying to deny their ideology to have let him do that… so much for honesty.

“What we have here is failure to communicate…”

It will not get better for President Obama until he can argue from his heart.  The best the Left will be able to do at this point is throw Mr. Lehrer under the bus.  That will work with the useful idiots until the next Obama/Romney debate, then they’ll have to figure out a new excuse.


Next Up… Biden/Ryan hahahahaahhahahhhahhaaaaa…..

After all the “uh’s” and “um’s” I’m drunk.  I’m going to bed.