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Not Going as Planned.

The Blame Trend is headed the wrong direction!

The American People are not buying into the Obama Administrations indictment of the Republicans when it comes to these apocalyptic “cuts” in government spending.  At least not in sufficient numbers.

I think they have paused this week because there are enough folks in the press asking “Really!?”  (You Really want us to believe any pain being felt at this point is because of anticipated cuts?  Your best substantiated example is your cancellation of White House tours?  Particularly when all White House tours being cancelled “due to sequestration” are conducted by Volunteers… free of charge to the government.)

But this is important stuff!  The Debt Limit is looming and President Obama wants to be able to spend with no limit what so ever.  Thus, the American Mind must be “made right” in terms of embracing bloated out-of-control government and their addiction to it.  Otherwise Congress will keep doing its job and holding people responsible for the fiscal oblivion approaching fast.

Liberal Government Officials are no longer being taken at their word, so… It’s time to roll out the victims!

I expect to see a full court press starting with the Sunday shows.