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The War on Weiner

From the NY Post:

Weiner is Out!

Big time PR firm tosses Weiner.

And this happens just a couple of weeks after Hillary Bans Weiner from her campaign Rallies!

How long can Weiner last!?

At what point does Weiner lose it?

When will Weiner Stand Up in the face of this direct assault?

It takes a hard Man to weather such discrimination.

But no Man should be expected to take such a beating.

It’s time to end the War on Weiner!


Why Does Hillary Hate Weiner so Much?

Hillary bans Weiner from Latest Fundraiser.

What is it about Weiner that Hillary just can’t Stand?

At some point did Weiner Leave a bad taste in her mouth?

Is it because Huma Loves Weiner?

For that matter…

When is the last time Hillary was within ten feet of Weiner?

When was the Last time she saw Weiner, even from a distance?

Could she even recognize Weiner?

Inquiring Minds want to know.

Not about Weiner…  we’ve all seen plenty of him.