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Where in the World is Bill Clinton?

If you haven’t yet viewed the interview of Bill Clinton on the Today Show… you must.

I’ll Wait…


OK. First, Who was THAT Guy? It certainly wasn’t the Bill Clinton we all grew up to Know and Suspect.

Obviously this was some imposter brought in by The Clintons to throw us all off the track.

Between the appearance of a cadaver and all the bug eyed ‘Hems’ and ‘Haws’ there can be no doubt THIS was Not Bill Clinton.

So bad was this interview you might think it was the first time he had heard about the assertions emanating from the “Clinton Cash” book regarding his, and his wife’s, perpetually shady personal wealth accumulation. It even arrives at a moment when you could expect him to break into a loud “WHAAaaAAaAaaaaaaaaat?!”
This version of Bill Clinton was clearly unprepared for the very interview set up so He could knock it out of the park.

As much as I enjoy Bill stumbling around a bunch of softballs questions which were certainly pre-screened before the interview, it was genuinely painful to watch.

This is very different from the polished, prepared, statements we expect from the Clintons.
So what does this mean?
It means this book has them seriously concerned. More so than I would have expected. To understand what I’m saying you have to remember, these were the people who illegally accessed 400 FBI files on members of CongressThey were the people who purposely destroyed the lives and livelihoods of a number of women all because Bill had, or tried to have, sex with them… often without their approval.
These are the people who go to funerals and laugh their heads off until the moment they spy a camera and suddenly become sullen and consumed with grief.
These are the people who would debate on the meaning of “is” and the definition of “sex”.
They steal furniture from the White Housetheir staff ripped all the “W” keys off of the White House computer keyboards before the Bush staffers have to take over…  they rented out the Lincoln Bedroom.
These are the people whose friends praised them because they were such good liars.

I must say I’m surprised.

What I just sat through was far from the caliber of work I expect from a Clinton.

So now I’m fully anticipating a statement from the Clinton Camp that “Bill was body-snatched by aliens…” because that could be the only explanation for such a train wreck.

I hadn’t planned on reading Schweizer’s book as I already know these people are the worst of the worst… and I don’t need more examples or evidence.

But now I have to.

And here’s a question… Is ‘Tax Avoidance’ now Cool since Romney’s not running?


Are You Ready?


Accelerated Wealth

What is it about Hollywood that causes them to support Oppression?
On the heals of Sean Penn openly campaigning for Hugo Chavez it all came clear.

It’s not the wealth itself, it’s how quickly it is realized.

For years I thought Liberal Hollywood was just a manifestation of “rich guilt”.  I thought it was the relative small amount of work for huge sums of pay that laid the foundation for such guilt.  I also believed it was group think and a desire to belong.  (Pull out your Eric Hoffer here.)  I found myriad examples within Liberal Hollywood that seemed to reinforce my theory.  But then I started paying attention to lottery winners…  and a new theory emerged.

Lottery winners don’t seem to suffer from such “rich guilt” or an overwhelming want “to belong” yet they too make incredibly poor decisions and do stupid things.  This mirror’s the hollywood actors and even sports stars, many of whom end up destitute by the time they are late in life.

My theory now proposes that it is the Acceleration of Wealth that lends to these people finding themselves with little ability to reason.  It is why they support dictators, communists, champion fantasy fears like inoculations causing autism, buy things they can’t afford, go bankrupt, go to strip clubs and tell the strippers they keep all their money in their glove box… etc.

Neither party had to make the strategic decisions over extended periods of time, experiencing both imposters triumph and disaster.  The actors “have people for that” and the lottery winners had the clerk at the convenience store.  Both miss out on the experience that leads to success for most of us.

If you think about it, some of the most virulent supporters of bad ideas have been successful actors.  In fact most of those actors have enjoyed success since they were very young.  Pick any leftist actor and look up their bio. IMBD is a good place to start.  Once the money starts flowing they are relieved of having to make their own decisions regarding paths that lead to more wealth… they have others who handle those things.  For many of them, even though they change their names, have their actor parent’s “people” for that.  These examples are products of Generational Accelerated Wealth.

Keep in mind what is required of an actor.  To be a Professional Liar you must have an over-active relationship with fantasy and a tinge of sociopathy if you hope to win any awards.  This does not diminish the need of a good memory and a decent work ethic… but does not lend to any depth of ideological comprehension or intellectual curiosity.

I still believe group think plays a major role.  However, it is only when success arrives that the communal thinking sets in.  Through pure “socialist evolutionary” means those actors chosen to accelerate their careers are rewarded for relocating to where the movies are made.  Subsequently they are surrounded, then insulated, by others who share the same experience.  It is truly a petri dish for Liberal indoctrination.  If all you hear all day long is how you are brilliant and special in every way, it’s easy to understand how these actors end up the way they are.

What’s sad is when you take the time to think about what they could do if they understood Capitalism.

Keep in mind, I have no problem with their Accelerated Wealth.  But there is a line.  I have more respect for the guy going to the strip club and offering himself up to be robbed, as he is only hurting himself.  It’s the actor who is running around South America promoting the oppression, imprisonment and ultimately the death of those seeking liberty and freedom that should truly be loathed as they are hurting everybody.

So it’s not the money… it’s just that it comes very quickly once it starts, robbing these individuals of life’s lessons.  Yes… they’re victims.  Poor, poor victims.  It appears I’ve had too much to drink… I’m slurring my train of thought…