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The Democrats need a Crisis!

There are number of measures important to Socialists languishing in Congress as I tap this out.

First being “Net Neutrality” regulation… AKA Control over the Internet Act.
Second being “Amnesty” funding… AKA Democrat Party Preservation Edict.
Third being “Obama Care” penalties… AKA We Need More Time plea.

A Major Crisis, in the words of Rahm Emmanuel, ‘should not go to waste’.

A singular attack by Those That Must Not Be Named would be put to use by this Administration to sail all the above efforts through Congress.

Could that be the reason there appears to be no coherent attempt to address the horror’s being committed by Those That Must Not Be Named?

Is it so difficult to believe that The Left is desirous of the same kind of National Temperament that brought us the one of the single most Liberty Destroying peices of Legislation in our Lifetimes known as The Patriot Act?

It’s not difficult if you employ History as your guide…

Sad.  But Not Difficult.


It’s a Catastrophe!

This is all we Hear from the Republicans…

But our Answer is a Loud and Clear “So What!?”

As Leftist Progressives we don’t need Obama Care to work. We just need enough Time to remove all of Your Other terrible Options.

It’s our “Put Some Time on it, You’ll Forget” Strategy.

This is not a New Strategy, it has Been our Strategy from the Beginning.

It’s the same Strategy We Liberals use for everything because it works.

We Do it for You.

We Promised the most Transparent Administration in the History of Administrations?

Put some Time on it… you’ll Forget.

We Promised to Reduce the Debt?

A little Time always helps… you’ll Forget.

We closed the Open Air Monuments during a Government shut-down over delaying the Individual Mandate… something We Did Anyway… to Punish Veterans?

You just need time… you’ll forget.

We Up-Armed Mexican Drug Cartels which resulted in the Deaths of hundreds of innocent Mexicans and some our own Border Agents?

Rub some Time on that…  you’ll forget.

We Abandoned our Diplomat and his staff in Benghazi to Die at the hands of well-trained Islamic Terrorists in the name of “looking Nice on the World Stage”?

You just need a little Time… you’ll forget.

We Used the IRS to target our political opponents for fiscal destruction?

Time is all you need… you’ll forget.

We, the self-proclaimed Party of Privacy, have the NSA collecting every bit of electronic information from your credit card purchases to you e-mail and text messages then storing them forever?

We suggest Time…  you’ll forget.

We Promised Cheaper Health Insurance?  We Promised you could keep Your Doctor?  We Promised You could Keep Your Plan?

Obama Care is a complete failure?


We Need More Time!

And during that time You can Help us demolish any institution that might offer a way back.  Together we’ll Destroy Big Insurance Companies, Big Hospitals and even Big Doctors in order to assure there is no return.  We will berate, demean and demonize those Idiotic Citizens that come forward and imply openly that Obama Care has failed them.  With your Help We will paint all Politicians who get in our way as Evil.  We will Force all Young People, except for You, to buy it just like We do to get Them, except for You, to vote for us.  We just need more Time…

And in Time, you’ll forget ALL of this.

And We Win.

And just to make sure… We’re all going to talk about Equal Pay, Amnesty, Gay Marriage and Minimum Wage.  Don’t Worry, we Realize All of these issues have Reasonable Answers, but they aren’t simple for you to Understand and would Never supply them Anyway.

And, according to our Focus Groups, You don’t really want to Think about all this stuff Anyway.

So We Win Again… and again… and again.

So Please be Afraid of Those Evil People Who Say Things You Don’t Want to Hear!

Send your Donations to Organizing For America in denominations of .10, .25 and .50 cents.  Help Us Help You Forget.

Do It NOW… before you absent mindedly start doing something else.

Thank You,

The Democrat National Committee

(“You’ll Forget”,”Help Us Help You Forget”, “Rub Some Time on It”, “Embrace the Suck”and “Time is on Our Side” are all Trademarked by the Obama Campaign Organization and it’s affiliates including ACORN, Organizing For America, Communist Party USA, The Democrat National Committee, George Soros Investment Brokers, France, The Black Liberation Theological Front and Trinity United Church.  Any use is must accompany the express permission from those organizations.)

We Need More Time!

We just need more time to get Obama Care right.

And by right I mean removing any possibility of getting rid of it.

I know you might have thought I meant for it to work…

But just like Social Security, Medicaid and Medicare, Obama Care is never supposed to “work” in the traditional sense. Of course what I mean by that is in terms of efficiency and solvency, let alone improving Health Care.  No, no, no…

Obama Care is about creating a brand new Massive Black Hole of debt with which we can use as a Over Righteous Moral Hammer to demand more taxpayer “revenue” to throw into it enriching ourselves and our friends.

So please bare with us while we ramp up the Fickle Finger of Blame we, and our friends in the Media, are going to point at the “Big” Insurance Companies. First because anything we put the word “Big” in front of must be bad… except for Government.  But most importantly because if it’s not their fault it’s ours… and how can we incite you to clamor for Single-Payer Health Care if all this is our fault!?  I mean, if we can screw up something as simple as a website that we’ve had over 3-years to develop, why on Earth would you want us to make decisions regarding what surgeries we’ll allow you to have?  We just can’t have you asking that question… so please don’t.

Anyway, just erase that the “old” system, even having a couple of problems, was far better, and protected your Freedom to Choose.  For God sakes… it’s the “Old” system!  Old!  Who wants Old stuff?  Old!  old…. and whatever you do don’t listen to those crazies who told you this was a debacle in the 80’s, 90’s, 2000’s and while this was forced through Congress a few short years ago.  They’re Crazy, Terrorist, Extremist Kidnappers who hate Puppies.  Seriously!  They Hate Puppies… and They Hate You!  They want You, and Puppies, to Die Faster!

Please, Please, Please…

We Need Time!

Just a tiny, tiny bit more… whenever, and as frequently, as we ask for it.

Thank You,

– The Administration that Cares More about you than You do.