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I Pay Taxes! I should get to Vote!

I want to explore an argument that is bubbling up from the illegal immigration debate.  It’s the argument that since one pays taxes that person, here legally or not, should get to vote.  The proponents of this argument offer that since the individual in question is paying for “the roads and bridges” that the individual should also have a say through participation in the electoral process.


Seems reasonable enough, right?  Who can really argue with that?

So let’s play this game.

Let’s say I agree.  I too believe that since an individual pays taxes he or she should be able to vote regardless of their status.

Applying this kind of thinking, I think I should be able to vote were I pay, or have paid, taxes too.

So this means I get to vote in; The United States – what I mean by this is almost every State in the Union, Mexico, Canada, Russia, Italy, Finland, Great Briton, Switzerland, France and the British West Indies.  I apologize for those countries left intentionally and unintentionally out.

That’s a lot of voting… but I’m sure the Countries and States in question will understand, and if they don’t I’m just as sure I can count on the support of those proponents of the above argument to offer the full force of their support.  Right, Immigration Advocates Network?

“Wait!” they might say.  “You’re using Sales taxes!  Sales taxes don’t count! We’re talking about INCOME taxes!”  (Note: I use exclamation marks a lot when typing out my replies from the proponents.  It seems accurate as this is most often how they try to convey a point.)

Oh, sorry… OK… I’m good with this too.  So just Income Taxes.

So now I get to vote strictly in the United States and Finland.  (Don’t ask about Finland… very uninteresting.)  I’m sure the Fin’s won’t mind my interjecting my vote anyway.  We fund the defense of their country at the expense of the American taxpayer through NATO so they can spend their money on various enlightened socialist experiments… another tangent.  Sorry.

Here’s where this gets good!  If this is the measure it provides all of us with an added bonus… this means that currently 48% of U.S. citizens cannot vote in Federal elections.  Trust me when I say that alone would dramatically change things for the better.  Who know’s how many would not qualify for States elections… but I promise the number would be very large.

“Oh no you don’t!” the proponents would say.  “You can’t disenfranchise a citizen!”

On this I agree… you cannot disenfranchise a Citizen.  A Citizen.

“No, no, no… there are people here who pay a lot of taxes in the form of payroll and social security!”  “They pay and get nothing back!”  (While I’m tempted to remind these folks that our President would disagree and might suggest, if they are paying, they are paying for the luxury of having everything done for them like the building of roads and bridges… I will not.)

So it’s the amount they pay?

“Yes!” says my weak thinking friend.

OK… I’m good with this too.  The amount we pay determines the power of our vote.

So a person’s vote should be weighted in direct proportion to what they pay in taxes.  Brilliant.  Considering the top 10% of wage earners pay 90% of the taxes in this country, while horrible, I think even that would be a better idea than giving an individual who is here… how should I say it… “on an unauthorized working vacation” the full and highest benefit a U.S. Citizen has of an equal vote.

To put it simply, entertaining any discussion of allowing input from non-citizens should be tolerated as much as it would be in any other country.  Not at all.

So “paying taxes” cannot be the litmus test for voter eligibility, Citizenship must be.

Let’s kill this stupid argument early before we have to listen to it ad nauseam.

Let’s just be honest about why the Left is interested in illegal immigrants.  It’s not that they care about their well-being.  If they did they would be focusing on the Countries of Origin to remedy the problem of their citizens fleeing to the U.S. by embracing Free-Market Capitalism, Individual Freedom and Property rights.  (Listen up Madagascar.)

No, we can’t have that.

What they actually want is to convert them into Leftist voters without citizenship.  (read Amnesty)They want to bring them out into the open, kind of, so they can confiscate Union dues from them which is then directly spent to further the careers of more Leftists.  They want to exploit them while telling them that the Union is the only entity saving them from exploitation.  They will have to be kept only semi-legal in order to keep their wages low less nobody would hire them and no Union dues would be forthcoming.  They will be told that the Union leaders are “fighting” for them but nothing will ever get better… (Sounds much like what the Left has done to the Poor Minorities in the country for decades.)  Once they are a guaranteed, monolithic, group of devoted Socialists they might allow for full Citizenship… but only if they can’t blame the opposing party for keeping them “down”.

Why ever solve a problem that is so useful?

That’s another post…

I need something on the rocks.