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Why President Trump’s continued assertion that Illegal Aliens Voted is Brilliant…

This is a tactic I have used many times. And it works… every time.

When you are confronted with individuals who are motivated, excited even, to make you appear foolish, all you need to do is overstate something. In other words, you know you’re correct but you need them to do the work for you.

Illegal voting is one of those examples.

The current Leftist line is “This accusation has been ‘debunked’.” The desperately want to leave it at this and move on. Why? Because it has not been ‘debunked’. What they are hoping the public will accept as ‘debunked’ is that there has been “no evidence produced” demonstrating that Trump lost the popular vote because Illegal’s Voted. While technically true, the fact is nobody has looked… and if they have they have they have made sure not to look very hard.

There is clear evidence a long history of  voter fraud.

But it is Trump’s overstatement that he lost the popular vote due to that Illegal vote which is the Brilliant aspect to this tactic.

The Socialist Democrats will not be able to contain themselves when they see what they perceived, shortsightedly, as an opportunity to make Trump look Stupid. As usual they will miss the forest for the trees.

Here are the possible outcomes if the leftist Media chooses to go after the bait;

1. They will have to show that indeed Illegal’s voted… but not enough to have given Clinton the popular vote. (A bit risky as it would most certainly result in Voter ID and simultaneously elevate the issue of Illegal immigration at a time when the Left desperately want to downplay the downside of failure to enforce the borders.

2. They will have to show that indeed illegal’s voting did hand Hillary the popular vote. (All of the above outcome #1 will apply.)

This is a classic ‘lose-lose’ scenario… and I believe the Progressives will fall for it. The too clever by half crowd just can’t resist.

Right now the Media is left with only one option and that is to repeat, ad nauseam, Trump’s accusation has been “Debunked”.  “Debunked. debunked, debunked!”  “Nannannna na na  nah… we’re not listening… DE BUNKED!”

But it is in Trump’s interest to continue to assert the simple statement that he would have won the popular vote had it not been for Illegal Voters. He should supply nothing else except repetition. Loud repetition.

This is an argument the Democrats do not want to have…

But they are too Trump Blind to see it.

This is fun to watch.

Benevolent Victor Syndrome

Voter fraud doesn’t matter because “we” won… by a lot.

Benevolent Victor Syndrome is clearly a psychological disorder.

This is the single issue that sits atop my “must address” list.

Apparently 71% of the population agrees with me… which is incredibly disturbing.  Who are the 29% that think it’s OK?

If there was ever an opportunity to learn how “community organizers” cheat it’s in Wisconsin.  Yes, I realize that the governor won by a wide margin, but this is always used as an excuse not to investigate and prosecute.

When the Conservative candidate wins his statement is “The election is over and it’s time we all come together for the benefit of (fill in the blank)”.  This candidate doesn’t want to “rub it in”… by enforcing the law.

When the Liberal candidate wins his statement is “The people have spoken.”  This candidate doesn’t want to… enforce the law.

(Why would Socialists want to investigate voter fraud… or purge voter rolls of ineligible voters in Florida… or require identification, anywhere, in order to vote? They are the 29%.)

So, the only time voter fraud matters is when the election is close.  Why is this?  How is it that undermining the foundation of our electoral system is important only when there is something for one side or the other to gain?  What about the “side” of the voter?  What about the damage that voter fraud does to the electorate in terms of making them pessimistic regarding the value of their vote?  What about the single most important act one can commit to legally screw up someone elses life being diluted by those who cannot win on the content of their ideas?

The time of the benevolent victor should be over.

If it’s republicans cheating they need to go to jail.

If it’s democrats cheating they need to go to jail.

The above needs to happen in the most open and prominent fashion possible so all can see.

Until the 71% stand up for a legally executed election process we will always have to ask ourselves if our vote really matters.

(I support buying votes with alcohol however… seems like a good idea to me.)


Preserving my right to Cheat!


There is no reason to oppose voter ID laws unless you intend to preserve your ability to commit voter fraud.

You cannot present a single reason why every person choosing to vote should not have a state issued, or otherwise verifiable, identification card with a picture which is required to be presented prior to practicing one of the most important acts imaginable in a Democratic Republic.

Not a single reason.
I must present picture ID to enter a bar.
I must present picture ID to rent a car.
I must present picture ID to get a hotel room.
I must present picture ID to fly in an airplane.
I must present picture ID when in every other country. (And they do not allow me to vote in their elections.)
I must present picture ID to purchase a home.
I must present picture ID to open a savings account.
I must present picture ID when pulled over for speeding.
I must present picture ID to get a job.

But… to “legally” screw up your life with my vote by electing idiots?

I can be anybody, and everybody, with no proof necessary… even dead… and vote.


The process of free and honest elections is a Pillar of Freedom.

If you vote for, or support the appointment of, these horrible people who want to preserve their right to cheat, you need to admit to yourself that you are also a horrible person.  (We already know it.)

(Some issues just never go away… originally posted 031212)

Democracy Kills.

Stop It! Stop It! Stop It!

Stop talking about “Democracy” as if it’s a good thing!

While this is a sin committed by seemingly everyone, it struck me after listening yet again to the President and the Secretary of State speak glowingly about Democracy being introduced to the Middle East (Which is melting down), and the resulting democratically elected leaders that we MUST deal with, it occurred to me that they were playing on the ignorance of the American people… yet again.

This is not splitting hairs… this matters and we all need to understand it.  Democracy is horrible.

Historically, when Democracy is present, populations (almost without fail) vote themselves into tyranny.  In other words they ask to be taken care of, and they get taken care of… just not the way they wanted.  Every Socialist Dictator claims to be, and most often has been, at some point “Democratically elected”…

Do you really want to help countries enjoy what we enjoy here is the United States?

Here are the ingredients, all of which are poisonous on their own;

A Judiciary, by itself is a collection of “priests” passing edicts upon the population by fiat.

A Congress, by itself is a tribal meeting of elites fighting for and protecting their personal interests.

An Executive, by himself is a dictator.

What is required to establish a Free Country is a mix of the above…

A recipe, or better yet, a Constitution specifically defining the checks and balances of each branch and limiting government to very specific responsibilities to protect the Individual and his property rights.  (Unenforced, is a “living, breathing” piece of paper and nothing more.)

Elections without ALL of the above, is Democracy.  Democracy, by itself is simply “legitimized” mob rule.  This is what is being promoted by the Progressive Left.

But combine the above with Free-Market Capitalism protected by Individual Property Rights and now you have a recipe for greatness.  You have what the United States should be…


Democracy on its own… you have what is today the Middle East.  A region on Fire and Falling into Theocratic Oblivion.

The goal should never be “Democracy”.  And, contrary to what generations of poorly educated public school teachers think (and apparently the Obama Administration as well), we do not live in a Democracy.  The United states is the product of a finely tuned mixture of all the above.  We should know this, and understand it.  Democracy is only one part of a beautiful formula making our country unique from the rest of the world.  Now is the opportunity to contrast what we have, and why we have it, against a tapestry of violence and destruction.  If today’s examples are not good enough then let’s go back a little ways.  Lenin wrote profusely regarding “Democratic Socialism” and his wish for “Democracy” leading to the dictatorship by the Proletariat.  Mao added a class and proposed roughly the same thing.  The Socialists have always viewed direct “Democracy” as integral to their achieving their goals.  I could list a number of prominent Social Elitists who killed their own citizens in the name of Social Utopia, but for this post those two should suffice.

In case you didn’t know;

We proudly (most of us proudly…) live in a Democratic Republic… “if we can keep it.”

We work very hard at maintaining the integrity of our elections.  (Or at least we should.  The lack of prosecutions for election fraud is deplorable.  ref: Preserving My Right to Cheat.)  We also have checks and balances at every level of our local, state and Federal government with the hope we can keep it.

To make this simple, understand the words you use.  When you do, you’ll understand what others are saying to you.  And you’ll learn quickly that some things you think are “good” are actually “evil”.  (Like decaf coffee… who drinks this?  Do the same people drink non-alcoholic Beer?  What’s next, non-alcoholic Bourbon? Clearly there is evil in the world.)

Link: You can’t get here from there

(Originally posted 092112)

The Zombie Vote

Another reason Alex Sink’s loss in Florida Matters.

As early as 2pm EST yesterday We were hearing poll worker chatter regarding what appeared to be a decrease in Traditional Florida Voters.

According to Phyllis Simms-Hathcock, a local poll worker, the turn out of Serial, Tourist and Life-Challenged Voters was down, way down.  “We felt it early this morning and it never got better.  But it’s always hard to tell until the votes are counted and you’re short what you need.”

For most of us in the business this comes as no Surprise.  Pollsters have long known that Individuals are loath to identify themselves as Zombies or even Deceased, let alone Life Challenged.  So it is indeed difficult to tell if they intended to turn out for this election or not, making their participation impossible to gage.

We also asked Mrs. Simms-Hathcock about the Tourist Vote. “Well, you know, people come from all over to Vote in Florida Elections!  Usually we see hundreds of New York license Plates alone.  We just didn’t see that today.  But having sorted many of the Absentee ballots I know their still out there.” said Phyllis earnestly.

And the Serial Voters?  Shaking her head; “With the recent High-Profile prosecutions of Serial Voters it could be they’re Afraid to Make All Their Votes Count.  Such a Shame.  So Very Sad.”

Upon leaving the polling station we noticed a vehicle driving slowly past and flagged it down.  On the condition of anonymity a self-proclaimed “Zombie” Voter was willing to speak with us.  We asked him why he was just driving by.  “I wanted to see if it was all clear.  Since there’s only one race going on the Election People have been focusing all their resources on the Polling Stations.  A couple of my friends got busted just because they got confused, usually there’s only a “D” and an “R” on the ballot but this time there was an “L”.  Seriously!  You should have seen us trying to do that Chad thing… When it gets confusing it can take us a really long time to make a decision.  I guess that’s how they figured it out, because they were standing in the booth for like… hours, just like standing there staring… and moaning a little… and I’m just being careful.  Oh yeah.. And Supposedly they can tell I’m “Life-Challenged” by the way I walk.  What is That about!? It’s so wrong! Personally I think it’s just Profiling.”

Last night at the Sink for Congress Returns Party we were able to get off-the-record comments from Several of Sink’s Campaign Volunteers.  All of them said roughly the same thing; It’s difficult to turn out that extra 5-7% when your base is being oppressed and there’s a bunch of FBI types looking over your shoulder.  In their opinion’s it amounted to nothing less than Government Interference in Democrat Elections.  However, the consensus was it will be easier when there are more counties participating in larger elections.  The feeling is Election Officials just don’t have enough people to disenfranchise these important Progressive Voting Blocks.

While clearly this was a loss, the feeling we left with was Hope.


Get Ready Colorado!

And Everywhere Else…

“Voter fraud is incredibly difficult to detect and prosecute, absent a direct confession…” – Colorado Secretary of State Scott Gessler

Well James O’Keefe has done some detecting…

And, The Democrats have solidified Their Right to Cheat.

Here’s some ‘Direct Confession’ Video.

Voter Fraud is the biggest problem we have here in the United States as it undermines the integrity of the process. The Liberals, like those in the above video, will tell you it doesn’t exist. For Them, the Ends Justifies the Means. In other words it’s Good to Cheat because Socialism is the Answer. Thus whatever achieves their Socialist Goals… Lying, then lying about lying, Cheating, Stealing and undermining the Integrity of the Electoral Process by diluting your vote is OK… in fact, it’s promoted!

You must understand who these people are.  You must come to grips with the reality that these people exist.  You must finally accept that they will look you right in the eye and lie about their very existence.

We have to find a cure for the Benevolent Victor Syndrome suffered by those we elect.

Voter Fraud is the Root of All Evil.

People need to go to jail… in a highly visible way.



Crap Floats in the Ocean

And Apparently it also passes for News.

The search for Flight MH370 continues….

Considering the Ocean is littered with debris from hundreds of years… possibly longer, why does the sighting of it occupy the attention of the News Channels, Programs and Networks?

Is it Easier than tackling tougher Issues like:

The Soviet Invasion of Eastern Europe?

The NSA’s Domestic Spying and Keith Alexander’s latest Interview where he States unequivocally that not a single person at the NSA has done Anything Wrong… Ever… Not Once… except for those who did, those one times…?

The IRS targeting Political Opponents of the President?

The BATFE sending Weapons to Mexican Drug Cartels in an effort to create a Case for more Domestic Gun Control?

The Skyrocketing Debt and the Fiscal Malfeasance it Represents?

The fact that Keynesian Economics has Not Lead to the Economic Recovery the Leftists in our Government Promised it Would?

The Destruction of the Greatest Health Care System in the World because Progressives want Control over the 6th of the Economy the didn’t have before?

The Utter Betrayal by our Elected Representatives to Look Out for the People by taking the time to actually Read Legislation before voting for it?

The TSA wanting to Establish Itself as a Federally Sanctioned Domestic Police Force by Arming it’s Agents?

The Federal Government wanting to Secure the ability to decide Who is and Who isn’t a “Journalist” in order to control the only Private Entity with the Resources Capable of Maintaining a Cynical Eye on Their Behavior?

The DOJ refusing to prosecute voting illegalities because they just don’t agree with the Law?

The DHS even Existing when We already have the FBI and the CIA which were designed to be separate for very, very, very good reasons?

The Executive Branch unilaterally creating Law extra-Constitutionally?

The Un-accountability associated with a Specific Past Senator and Specific Past Congressman when they sat atop the effort to Collapse the United States Financial System?

I could go on….

But these Mysteries don’t require cloudy satellite pictures of lightly colored blobs with which a Dedicated Journalist can Follow a “Breaking News” graphic.

So I’ll just stay drunk and stop asking questions.  Flying Monkeys did it anyway…