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Cantor’s Concession Speech

Enlightening are the words, or lack thereof, from Eric Cantor upon conceding his Primary Race to Republican Dave Brat.

What Cantor did not say was that his supporters should now support Dave Brat who won in a Landslide.

I used to Like Eric Cantor.  Seriously.  I thought he had promise.

But what an A-hole.

And if there was any doubt…

what an Establishment RINO Move.

He may have started out as a guy who “would shake up Washington”, but he didn’t. And he has been replaced. We’ll see how Brat does.

It’s fascinating how the Establishment-Rove wing of the Republican Party demands all of us get behind their candidates when ours lose in primaries… and frankly I agree.

Because before anything else I’m Anti-Socialist.  And throwing away my vote by voting for a declared Socialist (Democrat) or not voting is cutting my nose off to spite my face… for you Liberals out there that means Stupid.

But isn’t it illustrative how that same respect is not returned.

All the more reason to keep putting up challengers and hopefully voting out these A-hole’s during Primaries.

Remember even when we lose, we win.

A Challenger in a Primary is what the establishment promised it’s conspirators would never happen. And we must continue to break that promise and force the change America so desperately needs.