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Hurray for Hillary’s VP Choice!

Tim Kaine

File Photo: Sen. Tim Kaine

Let’s give a big round of very Old Rich White Male Applause to Tim Kaine… because it’s not as if the Black Vote is going anywhere!  Hear!  Hear!

Hillary has decided to prop herself up with the Junior Senator from Virginia. Why?  Because the Are You Ready Campaign has determined to run with “Boring” as their positioning statement.  Oh… and the Senator speaks El Espanol.  Yes, he actually speaks Spanish, it’s not some insulting and foolishly offensive accent implying he does.  Not only will this be new to the Hillary Campaign, the addition of Kaine genuinely brings two new language skills to the effort ramping it up to a total to two.  Impressive.

Most importantly, Kaine supplies the Hillary camp with something she desperately needs… he humanizes the candidate.

In the same way the DNC quietly promoted the faux-candidacy of Bernie Sanders in order to make Hillary appear “Centrist”, they have continued with that strategy by tapping the Senator for VP.  The thinking goes that he will allow her to appear; not covered in hair, down to earth kinda, intelligent, less green, female and possibly human by comparison while delivering the hairy, non-bathing, eco-terrorist, beta male, could be a monkey vote.  All things she desperately needs if she is going to win the presidency.

If you ask us here, it’s a wise choice indeed.

For full disclosure… I know Tim Kaine.  Well, he’s more of a distant cousin.  While we are both from Virginia, his side of the family tended to be, how shall I put it, a bit closer.  I got the functional alcoholism and they all now have wings…. and they wear shoes.  (The shoes are weird.)

Biden 2016

I’m Officially endorsing Joe Biden for the Democrat Presidential Ticket in 2016.

“If we’re all Going Down anyway… It might as well be Funny.”

If someone sends me a Bumper Strip with the above phrase on it I will immediately put it on my vehicle. I promise.

Go Joe!

I would also accept “Hilarious” or “Idiotic”.

I would also consider “Clowns for Biden”.

The Lady Doth Protest Too Much, Methinks

Hillary “turns down VP slot”.

Let’s clear a few things up…

Obama can dump… I’m sorry, Joe Biden can step down for reasons yet to be determined, by us or him, anytime between now and November 6th.

The argument that it must but done prior to ballots going out is ridiculous.  I would ask you, what difference does it make to the voter if they know a Obama-Biden ticket is actually a Obama-Clinton ticket when they pull the lever?  And besides that, what happens if a VP meets a very real untimely demise after some ballot deadline passed?  In either case, is the election rendered invalid?  No, it is not.  The President or candidate finds a replacement.  Easy.

This is all about positioning.

The Republicans are now trying to throw a wrench into the works by suggesting it…  If Obama makes the change it can appear it was at the urging of the Republicans… if he doesn’t make the change it will look, to the Hillary base, like just another example of his incompetency.  Kind of fun to watch, and it throws a rope to McCain (by allowing him to float the idea) in his attempt to remain relevant.  We’ll see what he does with it.

I’ve talked about this in the past… Hillary must NOT appear to be too eager to take on the role of VP.  In fact, she must appear resistant to the idea.  It must be positioned as Obama “pulling” her into the role out of complete necessity, with her kicking and screaming all the way.  This has to do with a number of things such as party unity and affirming the position of the ‘heir apparent’ Hillary wants, thus saving her a primary challenge and the money that must be spent on one in 2016 win or lose 2012.

Keep in mind if Hillary ends up on the ticket and should the ticket lose, she will have secured the nomination for 2016 and retain plausible deniability in terms of Obama losing.  I can hear it already… “He was just SO bad that even Hillary couldn’t save him.”

It’s a win-win for Mrs. Clinton.  And Bill for that matter.

When all the Democrats have is Hope that Romney’s tax records will Change the momentous slide of popularity into the Romney camp, why would anyone think Hillary is not a Hail Mary the Religious Left is sending into the huddle?  Considering Socialized Medicine, the crown jewel of Socialist America, is at risk… This is the play all of the Leftist Community is rooting for.

Do not think for one second that the Clinton’s are finished with politics… which is what one must think if you dismiss this play.

October is always full of surprises…

It’s also Oktober Fest which is evidence God loves us.

Refer to: Mrs. October, Shot Across the Bow

Rodham & Rice

You can warm your hands on the heartburn being felt in the Obama camp right now.  Condi being floated as a VP possibility? It’s probably difficult to find a bottle of Pepto or a roll of Tums in D.C.
Could we have a contest of ‘My Secretary of State is tougher than your Secretary of State!”
If you have read my posts in the past you’re already aware that I have taken the idea of Biden getting a Jet Pack and Hilary being “drug kicking and screaming” into the VP slot. For reference read Mrs. October, Shot Across the Bow, and Joe Biden Steps Down… throw in Hillary Clinton will be known as the greatest Secretary of State in U.S. History for good measure.

While I am of the school that VP’s typically mean little in terms of Presidential tickets, we had an example during the last cycle where the GOP nominee would have been defeated by far more than 6% had it not been for his choice.  And, having a record like the current Administration leaves a President with nothing to run on.  So…

It is no secret that the Obama Administration has little love for the Clinton machine.  It is no surprise this fact alone has kept the Obama Administration from helping Joe Biden vacate his office and allow Hillary to measure for drapes.

But… Condi being added to the GOP ticket would change everything.  Everything.

I can only hope that an event like this might happen.  The comparison of resumes is enlightening.  (For the appearance of non-bias I will link to their Wiki entries.  Pay particular attention to education and work experience, although the rest is interesting as well.)

Hillary Rodham resume:  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hillary_Rodham_Clinton

Condileezza Rice resume:  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Condoleezza_Rice

Did you enjoy that reading?  If you were hiring someone and being a Socialist was not a requirement… which would you choose?

If nothing else, floating Condi’s name makes a point.  If something else, it could cause the Obama camp to accelerate whatever decisions they wanted to delay for as long as possible.

In my opinion, this was smart in a number of ways.