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I Want to Fire you…

But I can’t.

So I’ll find another way to End your Career.

White House Accidentally out’s CIA Chief of Station – Afghanistan.

What exactly did this Top Spy do to have their career ended so abruptly?

Good Question.

The idea that this was an accident is sophomoric. Only subscribing to Profound Ineptitude, or possibly a Moronic State brought on by some event such as a Lobotomy could an action like this be excused as accidental.

So that leaves us to asking “What did they do to get not just dismissed, but destroyed?”  Make no Mistake, this Individual’s Career is over. Finished. This is not some desk jockey whose career path showed no promise of continuing within the Intelligence Services. This is not Valerie Plame… and this is not a mistake made by a Richard Armitage type… this is The White House.

Something screams Benghazi.

I have offered in the past that Benghazi is different exactly because our State Department and the current Administration left Intelligence Personnel to Die in Libya for Political Purposes. I have proposed that Benghazi will be a battle between the White House, Hillary Clinton, the State Department and the Intelligence Services with the prize being to hold those responsible… accountable.

Is this a shot across the bow intended to silence?

If so, will the Foreign Service folks take it lying down?

We’ll see.