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Should and Must

There is a game that Statists play. It’s called the “change the meaning game”… They will take a word and misuse it consistently in order to change the meaning in your mind.  (Liberal is a great example. Originally it meant something very, very different than what American Liberals have turned it into today.)
I was listening to our president speak in regard to raising taxes and he mentioned that Jesus said “the rich should pay more”.
I am not overtly religious. So if it was Jesus or Ronald McDonald makes little difference to my point.  What’s important is the insult being directed at all of us from the President of The United States.

He is either expecting us not to listen to what he is actually saying… or he thinks we’re all ignorant.

I believe he thinks we are unable to understand the difference between “should” and “must”.

He must also believe that if he uses “Should” in place of “Must” long enough we will assign the same meaning of “Must” to both words.
Let me be clear… it’s fine that you, me or anybody thinks someone “should” do something. I can think you should pay all my taxes. You can think I should join the circus, or I should punch myself in the face etc.

There is a distinct difference.

The line is drawn at “Must”.

“Must” requires Force.

This word is particularly important when being uttered by those folks in government. We have reserved the right of force to the government specifically.  So, they and only they can force us to do things.

Theoretically we have the U.S.Constitution and the Bill of Rights to protect us… but only if we demand they be followed; which we don’t.

This brings me to my issue with the president. When he states Jesus said “the rich should pay more” he means “must”. This is so common a tactic that it fails to register in our minds anymore. Too many of us just nod along in agreement with statements like these. We don’t take the time to ask first “who exactly are the rich” and “where did Christ state the rich needed to be forced (must) to pay more?” and finally “why don’t you just say ‘forced to’ when that is what you mean”?
Educated people should take offense at such statements from our leaders in government. We must demand clarity in speech, otherwise the Left on both sides of the aisle will continue to play their games… successfully.

As an aside, Isn’t it interesting that Leftists approve of religion so long as they think it bolsters their agenda (Jesus says the rich must pay more taxes) yet howl when it is in opposition to it (Churches should be forced to supply birth control)?  I was unaware that the Bible, Koran or U.S. Constitution were open for picking and choosing the things you like while disregarding those you don’t.

And, if they are… then what good are they?