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The Most Brilliant Counter-Intel Op Ever?

No Matter how this exposure of the NSA’s ability to Spy turns out, could it be considered the most brilliant Counter-Terror Operation ever devised?

Where do we stand now?  The entire world is aware that everything they do will be archived by the National Security Agency (No Such Agency) and used to determine their threat to the United States.

In other words, it’s not that their cell phone is compromised…. it’s that EVERYTHING they own, and do, is compromised.

Talk about disrupting the enemies communications, and forcing them to modify their behavior!  Modify it to what, bump passes and one-time pads?


If there was ever a way to strike fear into the hearts and minds of those who wish you harm, this would be it.  The only way to fertilize that fear would be to tell them we’ve been doing it for a decade… And, we have done that too.

There must be a shortage of Depends in certain Asian Countries right now.

Objectively, there is very little down-side to this Spying except the scouring away of any idea American Citizens might have that they live in a Country which preserves and protects their freedoms.  Just a small detail…

So what’s going on with Clapper et al. coming out of the dark corners to defend it?  As a friend of mine out it; “The NSA does not have a process for Press Releases.”

The real reason the Progressive Elitists among us are out defending the Domestic Spying on the American Public is the fear that the entire operation could fall victim to our outrage.  And, they’re right.

But, public complacency typically wins in the end.  Our track record on caring about the erosion of our rights is dismal.  It is my prediction the NSA will be allowed to continue doing whatever they want.  We might get an “I’m Sorry.”, if we’re lucky.  And, you’ll decide you’re OK with it.

You will keep volunteering your private information for all to see.  It is how you elevate yourself above your friends.  It is how you demonstrate your life is better, or you care more about everything, or you “feel” everything more than anybody who has ever lived.  Your Ego will not allow you to preserve your privacy.  So you will tolerate the Government keeping an electronic file on you, and your friends, and your family… just in case they decide you did something wrong, sometime down the road, or whatever.  (But remember that you are responsible for what you disclose to the world.  You have no right to be upset when you post every detail of your life so 12-year old Chinese Doctoral students can do the same thing we are doing to ourselves, only 12,000 miles away.  But you can’t help yourselves… you think everybody should know who you are.  So don’t be surprised when they do.)

The Onion once had a bit on Facebook being the greatest CIA operation ever devised… were they being funny?  Apparently not.

While public information is… well, public.  It is the stuff that we do not disclose to the public which is being gathered by those who desire our trust.

Let me ask you, how would you feel if you found out your spouse was tapping your phone?  Your parents?  Your neighbor?  How would you feel if your boss was reading your e-mail on your home account?  How would you feel if your kids were auditing your credit card transactions?

So why should we accept that it is OK for the Government to do it?  Are the people behind the computers not our friends, parents, children, neighbors, etc?  The “logic” we are being asked to accept is bizarre in its construction.  The idea there must be “a balance between our security and our rights” is directly out of the Tyrannical Government Handbook.  Our rights come before our security… and we are secure because of those rights.

The only issue here… we should not, can not, must not, allow our own Government to Spy on us.  It is unconstitutional.  The fact that we are doing it to ourselves undermines everything this country was founded on, and thus everything we believe to be true in terms of civil liberties.  If we condone this, we officially have no rights.

In other words, if we do not stand up and demand this Domestic Spying be stopped… immediately, then all bets are off.

And, it may not be tomorrow, next week or next month but there WILL be a time that this country’s security apparatus is used to oppress the population.  This is not up for debate by intelligent individuals with a modicum of historical knowledge.  When you have a specific Ideology which demands Centralized Government and the ability to enforce it, oppression is not as far away as one would like to think.

Examples abound… and contrary to what the average, over-inflated-self-esteem drunk, citizen might think, we are not so different from all the other humans occupying this planet.

But like I started, taken at face value… this “Whistle-Blowing” could actually be the greatest Counter-Terror Operation ever executed.

I’ve always said, “If you’re going to be a Socialist then be the best Socialist you can be.”

Here’s to those doing a great job!  Cheers!  (Ever wonder why the Soviets are all drunks?)