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Clearing up some Traditional Halloween Confusion

After a recent post, and my reference to Trick or Drinking, it’s become clear there’s some confusion.

Trick or Drinking is an ancient custom hailing from dark, drunken doorways world over.  It is at times a delicate process not to be taken lightly.  Trick or Drinking is an art form.  It is unique, and has no connection to the below ‘traditions’ some of you are trying to compare it to.

So, allow me to clean this up a bit…

Trick or Tweeting
As explained to me, this has something to do with a texting impediment.

Trick or Tweaking
This one made sense… it requires a prostitute and methamphetamine.

Trick or Twerking
This is when Miley Cyrus shows up at your front door and you have to quickly pay her to leave before other parents call the cops.

To be perfectly clear, all that is required for Trick or Drinking is an empty glass, some neighbors, stamina, fortitude and a lack of propriety.

I hope the helps.

(I’ll send out an honorable mention for Trick or Eating.  This is just a variant of Trick or Drinking, but you can usually hit more than 7 houses without passing out in the middle of the street.)