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Kasich don’t need no philosophy!

Yo! Yo!  JK don’ need no punk ass philosophy! He be down with da peeps and jus know what to do when it needs doin’!

Jus like he say;

“Philosophy doesn’t work when you run something,”
-John Kasich, Republican Candidate for President of the United States

So back off hataaaaas!

Johnny be da Man!

(And we wonder where the Left finds the hogwash to fill the heads of their useful idiots…  Get out of the race John.)


Will Boehner Retaliate?

Now that John Boehner has narrowly kept his Speakership, will he and his minions retaliate against those who were representing the people of their districts and voted against him?

Because that’s what he would be doing…

He would be retaliating against Us.

If this happens, does he think We will suddenly fall in behind him?

I would suggest that unlikely.

His best course of action may be to take this as a wake-up call and fly right. It’s well past time for more Constitutional Loyalty and less Bipartisanshitt.

But experience has shown us The Establishment Republicans will do the exact opposite of swinging back towards the Constitution…

We will see.

Update:  No need to wait long.  Boehner has now made it clear that he has no intention of listening to us.