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Tickle Me Biden

I was unaware that the fiscal collapse of this country… specifically MediCare, Social Security, the individual U.S Citizen was so hilarious.
Apparently I have no sense of humor.

After this evenings debate it has become clear to me that this Administration sees the primary issues, spending and appeasement, as jokes.

Given the position this country is in, I find very little to laugh about.  Unlike Old Joe.

The exchange on Iran was interesting. assuming a position of power was called “going to war” by Joe, and obviously very funny. This is not a new argument for the Left.

But, according to Joe, doing effectively nothing to stop Iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon is “doing something” and would not lead to war… even though the Iranian Regime has said this is exactly what will occur once they have it.

Finally, We have 47% of the country that pays no Federal Income Tax… This is True. Period. The fact that there is any percentage of American’s that pay no Federal Income Taxes should be insulting to everyone… for myriad reasons.  But not to Joe… no insult there, just more laughing.

Abortion is a non-issue when viewed in comparison to the fiscal crisis we are all facing today.  Having to square his Catholicism with his Pro-Choice stance was the only time I saw Joe stay sober for any length of time.  May be his batteries were dying.

Yes… this is all very funny.

Teeheeeheeeeeeeee Tehee…. Man!