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Iraq has deteriorated into a cesspool of Al Qaeda and Taliban. They are threatening to take over the entire country in addition to securing some of the latest US Military Equipment left to the completely stable Iraqi Government after our great victory there.

(While there are clear parallel’s to the Obama Administration Up-Arming of Mexican Drug Cartels… we do not believe it is the overt intention of the Obama Administration to also up-armor Al Qaeda and the Taliban. However, we reserve the right to change our mind should new information present itself.)

We cannot stand by and watch the fall of the extremely well-trained and genuinely dedicated Iraqi Security Forces.

So I am donating this hashtag which combined with some Super-Cute Selfies of State Department Spokespeople and Super-Pouty Selfies of Prominent Elected Officials Wives should do the trick.  (I considered #CutItOutYouGuys! but thought it would most likely be misinterpreted.)


I didn’t know how to spell it in pushtu… do I need a special keyboard?  Font? Do you do it phonetically?  Can we get a couple of these guys on a State Department Cell Phone and find out?  Anyone?


It’s also worth noting that those representing the totally not radicalized Religion of Peace are busying themselves beheading many of the Muslim Iraqi’s they come across and tear through that country.  The Hashtag above should also put a stop to that.

They’ll feel the Force of the United States the same way Putin felt it in Ukraine!

They have no idea what they’re in for!