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Once Upon a Time a Racist…

… was a person who believed an Individual’s Skin Color determined their value.  It was very simple.  This person thought One Race was superior and others inferior.  Not surprisingly those who held that belief were almost always of the Race they held to be Superior…

I continue to subscribe to this definition.

However, Now We are being told that a Racist is a person who believes they should be secure in their property and does not think Politicians should be granted the Power to Spread the Wealth Around while defining who is ‘wealthy’ and who is not.  Thus a Racist is a person who feels they should be allowed to keep what they earn.

A Racist also seems to be a person who finds Socialism to be destructive, repugnant and poisonous requiring them to fight against it where ever it presents itself. A person who believes that all people should be judged by the content of their character.  A person who believes there should be no boxes to check on Employment applications, Medical paperwork and Census forms declaring something you had absolutely nothing to do with.  A person who thinks a persons ability, and only their ability, should be used to determine access to Universities, Colleges and Jobs.  A person who knows down deep that preferential treatment based on Color was what we have been told we should be fighting against, and believes it.

A Racist is now being positioned as any Anglo… or, oddly enough Asian… who disagrees with anyone else “of color”.  Because “disagreement” is now offensive.  And someone, somewhere, found a Right not to be offended.

The War on Words apparently needs a hash-tag campaign.

This leaves us with a very large Question hanging out there desperately needing to be asked…


Sadly, there is an equally short answer.


And there is another one,


The ability to stifle Rational Debate and Reasoned Discussion… except for that which you agree… is Priceless.

And the Taxpayer money associated with being considered a “minority group” as determined by the latest Census numbers and estimates is Huge.  So large, in fact, that some Individuals have built Empires on this Redistribution of Wealth.  The idea such income could, or should, ever be discontinued cannot be tolerated.  And it’s not.

So, brand new definitions of a Racist are demanded in order to head off such discussion and preserve the Money, and Power, associated with Institutionalized Victimhood.

Here we are.

With no one to blame.

We have allowed this phenomena to exist… we have Nurtured it.

We allow weak-minded Statists to yell Racist then run away when the discussion does not go the way they want it to.  And, predictably, this happens far too often.

I offer it’s time to return to the “Old” definition of Racist.  The correct one.

I also offer it’s time to stop allowing others to determine what is acceptable discussion and what is not.  That behavior is not what this Country was founded Upon, but we have wandered far, far away from what this country was Founded Upon.  What better time to stop the wandering but right now, this second.

I finally offer that all of our politicians need to return to protecting all of us as Individuals.  If they can’t scrub the term “minority” out of their lexicon then they should be reminded that the Individual is the Ultimate Minority, there can be no reasoned debate about it.  Considering 100% of the Democrat Party and well over 80% of the Republican party Fail to see their responsibility to represent us as Individuals is a sad, sorry, indictment of our current Government.  When “Party Politics” of both sides see everyone as groups instead of embracing the Universal message of Individual Liberty, Freedom and right to Property all protected by a Seriously Limited Government, we must become extremely concerned.

When politicians are more concerned about protecting Government from Us rather than Us from Government… we are in very serious trouble.

No one wants to believe it’s actually happening right in front of them.  Well, it’s happening right in front of you.

We are in very serious trouble.

But remember, at the end of the day it is Our Fault.  We did this. You and Me.

And only We can stop it.

The truly Enlightened will start embracing each other as Individuals.  They will not give credit, nor discount, another person based on where they were born or what color their skin is… or what their parents did.  To do so is absurd, ignorant and serves only to oppress.

You are not your Race.

You are not your Gender.

You are not your Sexuality.

You are what you Do, and nothing more.

Find comfort in your singularity.