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Just Say No…

…To Socialism.

If you’ve been with me for longer than 10 minutes, then you already realize I’m what you would call an Anti-Socialist.

While I have vast and varied views, first and foremost I stand in opposition to all forms of Socialist thought. You can call it whatever you want; Socialism, Liberalism, Leftist, Progressive, Fascist, Communist, Democrat, No Labels, Crony Capitalist, RINO, John McCain… or whatever new names they come up with to keep you confused.

Why do I oppose Socialism?  Why do I oppose a political theory that promotes Elitists exercising force over all those they deem inferior?  Why do I oppose an Ideology that has resulted in the greatest destruction to the common good, and ultimately the loss of life, in the history of the world?

I am a Free-Market Capitalist.

But what apparently sets me apart is I know what that means, which is more than I can said for the majority of our elected officials… and certainly more than our electorate.

(If you would like to join me in actually KNOWING what a Free-Market Capitalist is instead of allowing Leftists to tell you what they want you to think it is… here’s a good start:  Wealth of Nations, Capitalism: The Unknown Ideal, The Road to Serfdom, Freedom to Choose, The Romantic Manifesto, The Constitution of Liberty, The Age of Reason, The Law, Conflict of Visions… and the list can go on.  Come join us… it is rare air to breathe indeed.)

I will share with you, the people being demonized by the press are the people you must listen to carefully. (Actually listen to them… not whatever sound bite John Stewart or Bill Mahr decide to let you hear, followed by a studio audience of the above mentioned know nothings yucking it up and a laugh track from the fifties.)

The folks you will be told are Mean, Evil, Stupid and In the Way of your Happiness are the very individuals who, most likely, have the best interest of our amazing country at heart. And, they are the few deserving an honest, unedited, un-editorialized hearing of why they stand in opposition of more Socialism.

But let me get you started:

Socialism gets you Detroit.

Socialism gets you Mexico.

Socialism gets you Domestic Spying.

Socialism gets you incredibly horrible public schools.

Socialism gets you Unions who make promises to their members they know they can’t honor.

Socialism put’s your medical records out there for all to see.

Socialism gets you expensive, crappy health care.

Socialism gets you high taxes.

Socialism gets you high unemployment.

Socialism gets you Crony business deals.

Socialism gets a quadrupling of the money supply devaluing everything you’ve worked so hard to save.

Socialism spends your money with no consideration of reason or result, because it believes it owns the money… not you.

Socialism gets you National Debt so large you cannot possibly conceive it.  You literally can’t count that high… before you die of old age.

Socialism gets you racial hatred because without it, it dies.

Socialism gets you a bigger and bigger gap between the rich and poor, because it relies on that too.

Socialism puts self-anointed Elitist A-holes in power and keeps them there… forever.

Socialism is Force.

So the very least MY representatives can do IS NOT GET ALONG WITH SOCIALISTS.  AT ALL… EVER.

The very least MY representatives can do is say NO in the face of bigger government and more spending… or should I SAY WASTING MY MONEY.

The VERY LEAST my representatives can do IS STAND IN OPPOSITION to everything… every single thing… the Socialists want to do.

And, if they DO NOTHING ELSE… I will consider them to be doing a great job.

If they really want to impress me, then start taking apart 100 years of Socialist schemes which have not only stood in the way of this country being greater than it is, but has set it back on every level.  Doubt me?  Do you think the founding fathers would have asked the public to tolerate Domestic Spying after fighting a War in order to establish a new type of Government designed to protect the Individual, Their Freedom, Liberty and Property?  (There were plenty of “Terrorists” back then too.)

So I expect that 20% of the Republican Party who are about to be positioned as the worst people in the world… will do the right thing.

I expect them to be the Party of No!

NO!  NO!  NO!

It is the least they can do.  When I say “the least”, I mean the LEAST.



We’re Forced to Pay You to Show Up to Work…

An Open Letter to The United States Democrat Socialist Party:

Dear Freedom Opposition,
While I personally understand your desire to not come to work in the Senate. I must point out the American Public are Forced to pay you. I realize you’re seeing decades of Socialism being rolled back and do not want your fingerprints on it as it may alienate you from your useful Socialist/Communist/Fascist base, but showing up is half the job. The American people who are held hostage by Government in terms of having to provide you a ‘Living Wage’ will simply not understand why you continue to fail to appear and throw your temper tantrums, long-winded speeches resembling meaningless word salads, caterwauling from under a pink pussy hats and, of course, feigned tears as your Socialist Utopia is being dismantled.  WE PAY FOR THE SHOW.
Personally, I, as an American Citizen, would be willing to pay you through the end of your term if you would agree to simply stop showing up… Ever. But I suspect you would not be able to honor your part of the bargain.
If it comes to light that you have seen the error of your ways and are failing to appear at work because you’re attempting to control your Campus Brown Shirts, then I will gladly stand in your support. But I also expect you are not focusing your energy on protecting the First Amendment and preserving free speech.  (As a reminder that is speech you do not like.)  In fact, I suspect the exact opposite.
In the end, shooting yourself in the foot is something I will gladly allow you to do. However you might serve yourself well to do it at work lest your Socialist/Communist/Fascist base may begin to wonder why they too are forced to pay you.

Either way, keep up the good work.
With Due Respect,
Mike at makeaneffort

PS.  Dear Senator Grassley, You mentioned this morning that your constituency asks you at every opportunity to “Get Along” with each other in Washington.  That alone makes me question the value of Public Education in the Great State of Iowa.  It is not the job of Patriotic Politicians to “Get Along” with Anti-Freedom Socialists in our Government.  It IS their job to Forward the American Dream of Individual Liberty and Freedom the Founders intended to foster when crafting this country.  It IS their job to create a Template for the rest of the World to Emulate… Duplicate… Copy, not the other way around.  The promotion of these Enlightened Ideas require Showing Up to Work (1/2 of the job), while understanding what the work is (the other 1/2 of the job).  This is why the Socialists no longer want to be there.  It would be worth your understanding this.

Obama not Listening?

We are hearing the Lament from the Main Stream Media that the President doesn’t seem to be listening…

When has he?

Socialism must be Forced upon the People…

They’re not going to want it.

Obama Care has never had the approval of a majority of the population in any poll. Never.  Not once. Not now.

Socialized Medicine was Forced upon the American People without a single Republican Vote.  Not one.

It was Forced Upon us.

Amnesty does not have the approval of a majority of the population. Not once. Not now. Not at all.

It will be Forced Upon us.

The President said today, in no uncertain terms, ‘what motivates him and his staff will not change’.  Clearly, from his 2006 ‘The Blueprint for Change’ to the Present Day, it is Socialism that motivates this President and his Staff… as well as his Party.

So someone tell me what has changed?

The Position of Socialists is Your Stupid and Must be Forced to do the Right Thing as Socialists see it. And that’s what we have been subject to for the last six years. Why would anyone… anyone… think the next two years of President Obama Administration is going to be any different?

Six Years ago A very Famous person said “I Hope He Fails!”.

I too hoped that would be the case.

But, he hasn’t.

At least not from the point of view of a Progressive Socialist.

Marx must be proud.

Joni Ernst ‘Forgets’ to mention Obama Care

In her acceptance speech last night…

Once you got past the odd forced laugh…

Joni Ernst mentioned all the Primary Ill’s the latest Crop of Socialists have foisted upon the American People, save one very big one.

Joni forgot to mention Socialized Medicine. For some reason, it seems she skipped over the Abortion that is Obama Care… the Crown Jewel of Socialism.

For the record, I’m pleased she won.

However, Now the watching starts.

Forgive me for not believing in those we elect to do what we elected them to do…

… but I am a horrid Cynic. My brief stay on this planet has made me this way.

We’re not going to vote and walk away as has been the habit of the last 50 years.

I’m sure it’s an oversight on Senator Ernst’s part.

So I’ll stay tuned.