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Limping into September…

I’ve lost focus.

Well, it’s more like I’ve been distracted by shiny, happy, things.

It’s been easy as of late to focus on other issues outside Governing Theory. The reason is I find myself fighting the same battles over and over.  And the booze isn’t helping.

I’m perpetually discouraged having to repeatedly explain the most important minority in the Universe is the Individual. And because of that, it is the Individual who must be protected.  And because of that, it is the Why the U.S. Founding Documents were crafted.  And because of that, it is why those who wish to control you hate the parts of those documents that stand in their way.

Apparently this is so foreign an idea to Individuals that it requires endless explanation. Frequency, frequency, frequency….

I need a breather, and I’m taking one.

However in the end, I know that the Socialists among us will never take a break. At least they never have to my knowledge.

Those that seek the power of force know not sleep.

So, to quote the Austrian Bard…

“I’ll be back.”


(A quick note to you NSA guys… in a decade or so I may want a bunch of this stuff back.  I’ll be giving you a call.)