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What does “Legal” Mean?

“Legal” means what can be used in court.  That’s it…

It is not a law of physics which prevents “Authorities” from looking at, reading or listening to your stuff.

It also doesn’t prevent “leaks” of your private information.

It does not insure that the guy you made mad at the Department of Motor Vehicles doesn’t check out your bank accounts.

It does not prevent the middle-aged Intelligence guy sitting in a dark room from looking at your daughters Facebook page, texts, phone calls, diary and pictures on her, and later her friend’s, computer.  Of course that’s after he’s finished with the report from her latest doctor’s appointment, school transcripts, mapping out her daily routine, her favorite movie stars and what kind of guys she likes…. and there’s no way you’ll ever know.

“Legal” cannot protect you from the Humans that make up Government.

It cannot assure you that someone you might know is not messing with your credit rating.

It does not stand in the way of political ideologues, who are employed by the Government, from making your life difficult in a million little ways… because you just don’t “think” right.

So when someone says “You have to trust Government for it to work”… you know not to trust that person… with anything… ever.

The only way to make sure they’re not doing it, is to not LET them do it.  Not in any way.  Not “with over-sight” or “new special laws protecting you”.  Not at all.  Period.

We are not supposed to trust the Government.

It is exactly the opposite. Inherently not trusting the Government is how we were designed. It is why we are free.

Or at least as Free as we currently are.

Next week:  What does “I’ve ordered a Review” mean?

The Condition

We humans are the only creatures that realize we are going to die… and we don’t like it.

In fact, we go great lengths to delay, distract and deny our destiny.

In the end, this often syphon’s off our happiness, and much of our wealth.

If we become too consumed with the above, we find ourselves alone, having driven our friends, relatives and acquaintances away.

Such is Detroit.

There is nothing new with a town, or city, finding itself at the end of it’s life span and having to embrace its fate.

Throughout History, towns across the U.S. have lived vibrant lives only to pass away when their usefulness was expended.  Many of these places are fodder for Ghost Stories or Movie sets.  A few found a new reason to live.

However, as is often the case with humans, our Detroit has refused to Grow Old with Grace.

It has also not welcomed any attempts to reinvent itself as a more mature and wise city having a wealth of knowledge offering safe harbor for new business and attractions.

Instead of reality, it has opted for the Botox.

Many of us have watched the demise of this City for years… decades even.

And, like a drowning Man, Detroit has tried to drag the rest of us down with it.

But the intelligent have kept a wide berth.

Contrary to what anyone says, there is no surprise to be found here.  Simply truth.

This is the normal cycle, no matter how hard we want to deny it.

And, because of it’s denial, only from the ashes will there be any possibility of a new beginning.  But there are never guarantees.

Let me be clear… ashes.  Everything must be gone.  The Unions, the Mindset, the Icons.  The People have already left.

Then Detroit might, just might, be able to breath as it once did.

So here we are.

The end of a life.

Only acceptance will bring peace.

Cheers to a life once lived well.