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A Gift of Clarity.

Just when I get back from my lengthy, unbelievably expensive, vacation in Hawaii with my daughters in tow… while leaving my wife there to run up the bill… I’m presented with a Gift.

No, the gift is not that my wife stayed 4800 miles away from me.

Rather, It’s a study of the different types of Republicans. It is an illustration of the division within the Republican Party. It is a bit of clarity offered up as a feud between Representative Peter King (RINO-NY) and Senator Rand Paul (R-KY).

Rep. King went to the camera’s to vehemently declare that Rand Paul needed to be exiled, excommunicated, condemned, involuntarily contorted, run out of Dodge and everything else short of direct execution.  (I’m sure that was on his mind but he’s been a politician long enough to know not to mention it just like his support of the Soviet Supported Irish Republican Army.)  Apparently Peter thinks the idea of the NSA Domestic Spying program is brilliant and shouldn’t just be left alone and ignored, it should be celebrated and promoted.  It is Senator Paul’s opposing viewpoint that has a distraught Representative King foaming at the mouth.  Rand Paul’s position that collection of American Citizens Data by Computers, Humans who run the Computers or anyone else is Unconstitutional and a direct invasion of an individual’s right to privacy and freedom from illegal search… and is willing to do something about it… is very, very irritating to Representative King.  So much so that he went on a tirade.  The Representative unequivocally denied there had been ANY abuses of the NSA’s power to spy on American’s… (except when there is… when King was confronted on this during the interview his hemming and hawing was in need of a laugh track.)

All kidding aside, if there was ever a crystal clear contrast between the two primary groups coalescing within the Republican Party this is it.

You have the Pete Kings, John McCains, Olympia Snows, Lindsey Grahams et al on one side.

You have the Rand Pauls, Ted Cruzezezez, Trey Gowdeys, Mike Lees et al on the other.

One group gets along with the Socialist Progressive Liberals in Government and sells themselves as the great compromisers.  (Because that’s how politics works…)

The Other believes they have been sent to government by their constituents and the American People to protect their Individual Freedom and Liberty.  Which includes their privacy rights.  Their right to own functional firearms without infringement or registration.  Etc.  (Because that’s how we remain Free… from those who wish to control us in the name of the State.  They understand there will always be an element of danger which must be accepted in order to be Free.)

One group shows little difference between themselves and those they supposedly oppose.

The Other is hated by those they oppose as well as those who share the Republican nameplate.

Please watch the video link above.  Then ask yourself where you fall.  Clarity is truly a gift.

Found a new Gin by the way… Sage.

Scott Walker Interview…

Today Scott Walker, Governor of Wisconsin, gave an Interview to ABC’s Jonathon Karl.

Apparently Scott Walker is adopting the tactics of the Republican Establishment.

Accept Interview invitations from the Mainstream/Leftist Media and…

Either agree with every ridiculous premise of the interviewer or allow it to go unchallenged thus implying you agree with it.

Even if this occurs only briefly, you must know they are going to edit it to appear as if you did it the entire time.

If you didn’t expect this, then you are not qualified to hold future office.  “Period.”  (That last sentence is a Obama quote.)

As far as I’m concerned he has just removed himself from the very Presidential contention he wished to be considered.

Please watch the above linked video.

I actually liked this guy.


Why are Democrats Angry over Obama Care?

Yesterday the President of the United States felt it necessary to address the public regarding the failures of Obama Care… well, actually the failure of the Website.

Why do I draw the difference?

Because the Website was supposed to work.

You, however, were still supposed to be Angry.

But here’s the rub… your anger was supposed to be directed at the Big Greedy Insurance Companies, not the Government.  (This was Demonstrated when a young women realized everything she thought she stood for was hogwash, then almost feinted behind the President of the United States during his address.)


If you listen carefully it’s not the predictable incompetence of Government to run anything, ever, that the Democrats are upset about. This colossal failure instead is blamed on nameless, faceless “contractors”.  And just to be sure, the Dem’s are making every effort and taking every opportunity not to allow blame to be cast on any aspect of Government… and certainly not their Ideology.

So yes, they are Mad. But they are Mad because you are not following the script. You “idiots” are not climbing on the Blame Wagon headed for the Insurance Companies. Instead, you are coming to the correct assessment of Government’s inability to run things better than you in the private sector.

The plan was to start “selling” Obama Care to you in July.  The Mainstream Media was ready… they even have Obama Care written into the fall TV scripts.  This effort was to run for six months keeping you on board until it was too late to do anything about the taxes, fines and 1% penalties directed at You.  They were hoping when you finally figured it out it would be well into 2014.  By then they were hoping to have so many dependents attached to Government Health Care they could position you opposing it as Mean Spirited and Cruel.  They were ready to trot out the tired old propaganda of the past in order to Demonize anyone who opposes Socialized Medicine.  The idea being that you would be so riled up at the Insurance Companies you would swallow that crap without thinking about it… and some of you would even quit bathing, go get a Starbucks Double Mochiatto with extra Whip, misspell a sign and occupy a park.


They didn’t count on you getting upset about all the special favors and subsidies provided to the Democrats’ friends in Big Labor, Congress and Big Business.  They did not count on People like Ted Cruz, Mike Lee and others keeping the TEA Party folks informed.  They did not count on Their Website melting down and You being too stupid to blame the Insurance Companies.  Darn it.

They have fumbled the ball.


Now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of their Ideology…

You should look carefully at who is still standing in opposition to Socialized Medicine.  You should look carefully at who is representing a strong ideological foundation by standing up for the protections of Individual Liberty and Freedom the Founders intended when establishing this most unique Country in the world.  You should think clearly about what you believe and why.

This can be stopped… dismantled… and relegated to the ash heap of history.

It must be.

For our Health.

Charlie Wrangle Makes Fun of Ted Cruz for Loving his Children.

Representative Wrangle, during an interview with Neil Cavuto today (092513) at 4:11ET, decided to make fun of Ted Cruz because Senator Cruz Loves his children.

Senator Cruz, during his Filibuster of Obama Care and Harry Reid’s forecasted attempt to Shut Down the Government, read a bedtime story to his kids from the Senate Floor. Senator Cruz explained since he was not going to be able to be at home tonight he was going to read to his children as he usually does. It was a charming, and heart warming, task performed by loving Fathers World over… except apparently Charlie Wrangle.

It should be noted that at this typing I have not been able to reach Charlie Wrangle’s children to find out if he ever loved them enough to read them a bedtime story. But it is clear that Representative Wrangle finds Senator Cruz to be foolish for doing so.

As a reminder, Representative Wrangle is a member of the Democrat Party, a party that has spent countless opportunities to tell you that they care more about all Women and all Children than Senator Cruz’ party… and probably even more than you do.

Thank you for being honest Representative Wrangle. It is helpful.

Cruz on the Cross…

or Filibuster!

The most interesting aspect of Ted Cruz’ Filibuster this afternoon is not so much what he is saying as Who is coming out against him.

If you’re not sitting by a TV with a pen… or passing one between your work duties… and taking names then you don’t get it.

Now is the Time to come to the aid of your Party!

Jot down those “Republicans” that are lobbying against, or coming right out and condemning Cruz for what he is doing.

The names on your sheet are the problem. Not Cruz.

Those Pol’s coming out in open support need YOUR support. Send them money. Vote for them. Tell all your friends to vote for them.

While I expect it from Rove and McCain, Sadly I’ve had to listen to the beautiful Noelle Nikpour lament the fractionalization within the party. I’ve listened to others complain that Cruz et al “don’t come to the meetings”…  Even Dana Perino has let it slip that Obama Care should be “reformed” and not repealed all together.


While I may have to revise my political crush list, I hope they ALL come out of the closet.

I shouldn’t have to remind all of you complainers that’s How We Got Here!

There is no better time than Right Now! The Future of this Country is at Stake. We are faced with the implementation of the last vital part of making us a full-fledged Socialist Country with No Return to the way we were founded possible.

If you’re still subscribing to the “Can’t we all just get along?” mantra… if you’re crying because there just isn’t enough “Bipartisanship”… the You Are The Problem. Help us Help You… be Honest with Yourself and Switch Parties.

I gotta go now… time for a fresh beer and more Cruz watching.

Damn you People who believe the Constitution Means Something!

Harry Reid vows not to bow to Taxed Enough Already Party (TEA Party) Anarchists

Yes…. Yes….. Harry, we know coming from a Socialist point of view anyone who thinks the Constitution should be Enforced or otherwise Amended is an Anarchist.  Because clearly anyone who believes there should be rule of law enforced instead of super-smart folks like you deciding on a case by case basis what is right for the rest of us is Anarchistic behavior and out of their minds, stupid or both.

We also know that making such a statement simply illustrates one of two things:

1. You don’t know what “Anarchist” means.


2. You know what “Anarchist” means but are talking down to your constituency assuming they are too ignorant to know what “Anarchist” means.

Either way, you’re a Shmuck.  But you probably don’t know what that means either.

(And, just an aside… for such an idiot, Ted Cruz is sure making a lot of the people I assign blame to for the situation we’re all in mad.  If Cruz is a Fool why not just ignore him?  Right Schumer?  Reid?  Pelosi?  McCain?)

If There were Ever an Endorsement…

that you should Cherish, it’s this one from John McCain;

“I F*cking Hate You!”, “Him”, “That Guy” or anything remotely along those lines.

This is reportedly how Senator McCain feels about Senator Ted Cruz. I have to confess that I like Cruz once I get past the fact he looks like the illegitimate grandson of LBJ. But now I might actually be “In Love” with Ted Cruz. Anyone who can elicit such a visceral hatred from the poster child for Fascist/Socialist Republicans is a guy I can believe in.

Frankly I’m thinking about sending an inquiry to the McCain Camp asking for a complete list of who he Hates… that would make my decision regarding who to vote for and send money to, much, much easier.  At a minimum it would be a quick reference guide for when I’m busy doing something else, or drunk, and not thinking clearly.

I’m now hoping McCain threatens to stab Rand Paul or drown Mike Lee.

By the way, when you busy yourself destroying the U.S. Constitution and advocating the reduction of Liberty and Freedom of the Individual is when I’m finished thanking you for your service.  Nobody, nobody wants to, or should have to, endure what Senator McCain endured… but that does not give him license to work against what the Founding Fathers fought for and were Gracious enough to leave us with.  Please retire Senator, so I can get back to thanking you.

There is no way to Defund Obamacare

Or, an Open letter to Congress.

Dear RINO’s,


You might be right.

But that’s not the point… and you, the Establishment Republicans, know it.

The point is to figure out Who is on the side of Socializing Health Care and Who is not.

The Democrats are a known entity. No mystery, or closet Socialists, there.

It’s you, Establishment Republicans, who fear being forced to admit your true beliefs, especially heading into an election cycle… particularly when we are paying attention…

The other point here is to fight every fight… every day… every hour… for the Constitution and the Freedom our Founders intended us to demand.

Socialized Health Care is exactly the opposite of the founding intent. Controlling humans beings is not an Enlightened theory of Government.

Individual Liberty is at stake… Obama Care is the Crown Jewel of Socialism. It is the last piece of a complete surrender to an Elitist/Progressive government that we can never turn back from.

It is the worst possible policy to embrace.  Accepting it in any form is subscribing to the Socialist Paradigm.  The entire thing must be scrapped and only then can we focus on Personal and Portable.

And don’t fool yourself, we know there are plenty of people calling themselves Republican who enjoy the trappings of Socialist ideas such as class stasis and control over the Individual… not to mention the wealth accumulated by having both.

If for nothing else, vote to defund it so we know who are friends of Liberty and Freedom,

and especially those who are Not.


The few of us remaining.


Very Sour, Sad, Socialist Grapes

Karl Rove is Not the Answer


Bad CEO’s

John Kusak

Here’s a guy I just don’t think about very often.

Yes.. I’ve enjoyed a number of his movies over the years, particularly in the 1990’s, but my world moved on and he just didn’t maintain that position of importance.  He wasn’t on my bus, so to speak.

However… I find him interesting once again.

Mr. Kusak seems astonished that there were no “Liberal” Democrats supporting Rand Paul’s filibuster of John Brennan’s appointment to the head of the CIA.  Rand Paul’s filibuster was brought about due to Mr. Brennan’s being the designer of the current Drone policy and the claimed unilateral ability by the Obama Administration of the power to kill U.S. Citizens on American soil.

While the Drone Debate is a very good one and needs to be fleshed out completely, it’s Kusak’s Astonishment that I’m fascinated by.

We have talked about Cognitive Dissonance in the past. It’s when an individual encounters, or realizes, their support for certain ideas runs counter to what reality presents them. It’s an extreme form of confusion due to the heighten level of personal investment the individual has in his idea being the correct one.

Well, Mr. Kusak is very confused.  Astonished even.  John’s tweets regarding the Paul event can be found at Twitchy.  It doesn’t take long and it’s worth reading all of them.

Mr. Kusak laments the absence of Democrats “standing up to Obama” over his supposed “transition” into something he doesn’t like but cannot seem to define.

John Cusack: Where are the Democrats to stand up to ‘regressive corporate warlord’ Obama?

This is where I feel slightly sorry for John.  It is exactly his ignorance of governing theory that fails him here.  If he would take a small amount of time and research Socialism he would not be so disturbed and might find himself understanding why the Democrats are not embracing Rand Paul… in ANY endeavor.

While I enjoy the alliteration of ‘regressive corporate warlord’ it falls into the catagory on meaningless.  But Mr. Kusak is looking for cover in order to square what he believes his identity of “Liberal” requires versus what the reality of the situation is.

It should be no surprise that Rand Paul stands alone save the few TEA Party and Libertarians that are brave enough to stand with him.  They are being called “the new breed”, but make no mistake what their principles are and who propelled them into office.  This must add insult to injury for John.  ‘How on earth can the ridiculous idiots in the TEA party have any connection to things I believe in!?’

This is where Mr. Kusak’s ignorance steps in once again.

His “Liberal” identity has put him in the uneducated position of supporting people such as President Obama who demand nothing more than his dependence and obedience.  This is the Socialist paradigm.

I would imagine he’s further confused because for many years the Republicans have offered this same exchange of taxpayer money for exactly the same dependence and obedience with only slightly less aggression.

Now that there are “Republicans” who are returning to what the (idiotic, syphilis ridden, racist, gun toting) Founders intended does he make the first step in waking up.

I have no faith that this experience will lead Mr. Kusak to explore governing theory any further than to heal this wound he is suffering and return him to the “enlightened comfort” of his Liberal ideals…  but it should serve as a fantastic example to the rest of us that presented with undeniable truth and Natural Law the Socialists, at least some of them, have to think.

I wish for John to look deeply into Socialism and it’s variants of Communism, Fascism, etc.  I hope he studies them long enough to see what the outcomes of such approaches are… the level of oppression, destruction and death.  I’ll make it simple and give him a quick reference: Killer of Men.

Good Luck John.

If you’re going to be a Socialist… then be the best one you can be.  But at least know what that means.

(It is also interesting that many individuals who consider themselves Democrats but hold NRA memberships and believe the Second Amendment is integral to their freedom are suffering from this as well.  It will be intriguing to see which identity/ideal wins out in the end with those folks too.)