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Why, really, are the Unions Mad?

Or… Why is everyone missing it?

This week the news has been how Union Leaders are upset about the debacle that is Obamacare.

Organized Labor’s James Hoffa, Joseph Hansen and Donald Taylor sent Democrat Leaders Reid and Pelosi a Nasty Gram.

Full Letter here.

So, after the small smile I return to my senses and wonder why.

Reading the entire missive it becomes clear it has nothing to do with any of the stated reasons.  The only impact the letter was intended to convey was the old “we’ll go public if we have to” warning.

What’s really at the crux of this little feud between Dwindling Labor and The White House?  It’s the delay of the Employer Mandate.  (And now possibly the Individual Mandate.)

All of the language about caring that we are all going to get crappy health care at exorbitant costs is hogwash and meant strictly for public consumption.

The Unions are angry because they were promised, and were counting on, the Employer Mandate resulting in the “kicking off” of millions of individuals from their current health insurance plans.  Which… would then leave the super caring folks at Atrophied Labor to ride in to the rescue with a very powerful recruiting tool… Health Insurance!  And, not just any health insurance… the Good Stuff.

But How you ask?  Well… don’t forget, they have received waivers.  As usual, The Unions are not required to follow the rules.

But, they’ve been Commie Blocked.  The Leftist Powers that Be have decided the preservation of the Crown Jewel of Socialism is far too important to allow it to implode of its own weight.

So the Mob of Three are pissed because they have prepped for a massive recruiting effort which now must be shelved until after the election.  They are pissed because their membership roles are shrinking along with their membership dues.  They are pissed that they had to write the Letter in the first place in order to, or at least attempt to, keep their positioning as caring for the membership, and buy some time.  They are pissed because they know they’ve been had and that they Must support Democrats, full force, to make sure they will be able to collect on the promise Obama made them.  They are pissed because they’ve been played by the Administration.

Hilariously, the Union Bosses have been beaten at their own game.

Don’t think for one second this matters.  Even the White House knows they will do nothing but be obedient servants for the Democrats come the 2014 elections, because if they’re not… they’ll get nothing.

This is reinforced by the Silence from the White House regarding the Letter.

Some people like Football and some like Baseball.  Personally I prefer watching Socialists fight with each other.

If nothing else, It makes me happy… even if it has the impact of an All-star Game.

I’m going to go grab a beer and keep watching.