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Very Open and Very Public!

In light of the discovery of IRS malfeasance regarding the politically motivated targeting of certain groups, the Obama Administration should conduct a swift prosecution of those responsible in an extremely visible way.  A person should be afraid to behave this way.  I wouldn’t even mind if they were afraid to work for the Federal Government… we have way to many of them as it is.

While flogging as well as drawing and quartering is out now days, I suggest public derision and career destruction… all on camera.

But this leads me to another topic… one that addresses what has always resided in the shadows.

Bureaucratic misbehavior and how to remedy it.

I recommend Term Limits for Bureaucrats.

Not too long ago I had a conversation with a Liberal friend of mine. He was touting the benefits of term limits for politicians. I understand this argument but…

I happen to oppose term limits for politicians as we all get a chance to fire these people every 2, 4 and 6 years.  If they are still there, it is our own damned fault.  Find the people who voted for the specific jackass you don’t like and explain to them why they should not do it again.  It’s on you.

I do, however, support term limits for Bureaucrats.  These are unelected individuals who are seemingly unaccountable for their actions.

This Administration calls them “Low Level” workers.

It is my belief that the vast majority of harm perpetuated upon the Individual Liberty and Freedom of the American people is performed by those who are employed by the Federal Government. These employees retain their positions while the politicians come and go. They are truly the ones in power and go largely unnoticed, and certainly unaccountable.

I would recommend a change in the way we look at term limits… there is no reason why all Government Employees can’t be handled as Contract workers. Their employment agreements should be Limited to 2, six-year, contracts unless they are in the Military or Security Services.

This approach would offer several benefits.

First, it would remove those entrenched personnel who have established a fiefdom on our dime.

Second, it would release a wealth of knowledge back into the private sector if their professionalism is of the caliber we are told it is.

Finally it would politically destabilize the Departments that have wrested too much control, and power, from our elected officials.

Problem Solved.  Or at least Sickness Reduced…

Now back to the “Low Level Workers”… are these the same Low Level Workers who left our Diplomat and his security team to die in Benghazi?  Are they the same ones who used our tax dollars to up arm Mexican Drug Cartels?  Are they the ones who wrote the ObamaCare bill no one read?

Is “Low Level Worker” just a euphemism for “Useful Idiot”?

I wouldn’t be surprised.

It almost makes one want to be sober.


Let it burn.

So I’ve been relatively quiet the last several weeks. I have spent most of my time reading.

A little Mao, a little Card, a little Smith and little Goldberg… along with every article I can find on this latest loss to the Left.

It’s always interesting to hear those I respect, and many I don’t, suffer the same attempt to understand why the United States chose the Socialist… once again. Luckily for me, these folks have done so in type…

From what I have gleaned there are three basic themes:

1. Republicans do not, or are incapable of, running a candidate with a solid foundation of Free-market principles (aka Capitalist) who is willing to espouse them in a cogent concise manner. Over, and over, and over.

2. The Republicans fall in line every time the Socialists say “We need civility, cooperation and bipartisanship”… which actually means “help us make these horrible Socialist ideas work… or at least let us blame YOU when they predictably don’t”.

3. The country is divided between those who make and those who take… and the takers voted. (I know this is offensive… particularly to the “takers”, which is why I’m convinced it is truth. Nobody is ever offended by ridiculous assertions… because they’re ridiculous.  Clowns are funny, not offensive.)

These three points are the wheat, separated from the chafe. These are what survives poor logic, and the socialist republican thought, we have been subject to for decades.

So what are the “solutions” to this problem?


Let it burn.

We have an opportunity to allow Socialism to Fail Epically. The “Fiscal Cliff” is a Socialist wet dream. And, in the words of Barack Obama, elections have consequences… well, I agree.

While I do not support a stance of “walking away” from the issue, I do support adopting a tactic of the left. A tactic so common that the American people have come to accept it. A tactic so old that Machiavelli shared it with his Prince.

Tell everyone, repeatedly, that you want to help “solve” this problem. Let everyone know how dangerous it is and that you agree with the Democrats regarding the election results… Tell every listening ear that you’ll welcome whatever solutions the Democrats and Barack Obama send over… then do nothing.  Never once acknowledge any proposals sent up for consideration…

In fact… ignore any “solutions” that might be sent over no matter how ridiculous. Don’t laugh at them, don’t critique how stupid they may be, don’t acknowledge them at all. Just stay with the above plea and offer of immediate cooperation and bipartisanship when the Democrats come to the table.

Then stay quiet. In other words, if you’re not talking about how cooperative you’re going to be and busy being “civil” while doing nothing… you should have a steaming hot cup of Shut the F*ck Up in your hand sipping away.

“But Mike… but Mike… that means we go over the Fiscal Cliff! Aghhhhh…”

Yep. It’s time for some pain. It’s time for the takers to see what Socialism is all about in a way that cannot be ignored, spun or placed at the feet of Capitalists.

“But Mike… The press will blame the Republicans!”

Yep. But not the few who openly stand for Free Market Capitalism. And this will be the opportunity for them to rise up and shine.


Genuinely pay attention to the foundations of the candidates you support.  (The ability to recognize these values will require YOU to understand them first.  So, get to work.)

In other words, not what they say… talk is cheap… but what they do… all the time.

If the Great Experiment is to succeed, we must… must, with no exceptions… seek out and elect those whose beliefs are founded in Free-market Capitalism and Individual Liberty.  They must believe it.  They must practise it.  They must understand what limited government means and how that benefits every citizen in the U.S., not just all the little groups the Left wants, needs, us to identify with.

It is the single “Big Idea”.  It is a unifying message.  It is the “Big Tent” under which all of us can get underneath if we choose to.  It is exactly what the Socialists fear… and right now they have no fear, evidently for good reason.

It will be the platform our current and aspiring leaders must run on during the mid-terms. It will be the platform all of us must insist on during the primaries for 2016. The rest of the republicans I don’t care about… aside from removing them from office and replacing them with Capitalists.


Call it what it is.

Call this crap Socialism.  Why are we 16 Trillion dollars in debt and headed for Fiscal Oblivion?  Socialism.  Why are our kids failing in school? Socialism.  Why are there no jobs out there? Socialism.  Why did the housing market crash?  Socialism.  Why do the banks control everything?  Socialism.  Why are our taxes going up rather than our government stopping the out of control spending?  Socialism.  Why does everything cost more?  Socialism.  Who wants to get ahold of our savings and 401k’s?  Socialists.  Who wants to nationalize more companies forcing taxpayers to support the Unions?  Socialists.  Who are the Socialists responsible for all of this?  Name them… from both parties.  Often, and as loud as possible.

This may sound “too simple”.

I would offer that if it is too simple why hasn’t it been done since Reagan?

The Left chastises those who “still live in the era of Reagan.”  They think Reagan is idolized as Reagan the man… Well I happen to idolize Reagan, not as “the man” but rather as the guy who stood for what this country was founded on.  If you give me someone else who truly believes in those same things and shows no fear, ever, in espousing them and then actually doing them once in office I will idolize them too.

So there you have it.  The Political Consultant class will call this naive… fine.  I expect nothing less because the above “Big Idea” doesn’t require their input… thus will not generate foolish amounts of money headed their way.

I will offer only a single defense.

“Attention Political Consultants… I’ve read all your stuff… every bit of it.  I’ve watched all your brilliance closely, campaign after campaign.  The only winners, or at least those who profit, at the end of the day are you.  I know Socialism… deeply.  You also profess to as well, yet you preach “reaching out” to disparate groups, the same groups created for the purposes of the Left you supposedly oppose.  You promote Bipartisanship and non-offensive messaging for fear of offending the sensibilities of our home-grown Communists…  In your model, “Getting something done” is more important than “Getting only the right things done and nothing else”.  Both Lenin and Alinsky agree, a compromise is a win for the Left… and you are part of the problem.  You are why we are here.

Stop Apologizing, Fool.

Mitt Romney told the truth. And he is now apologizing for it.

This is, and has been, my problem with Mitt Romney.
When you say something such as “there are people who feel entitled to handouts and do not pay taxes who will vote for President Obama no matter what…”, you are stating a fact. This is not up for debate. It is not an “opinion”. This is the truth.

You should not care who is offended by the truth.
So… you should not apologize. Ever. You don’t even think about it.

Yet, he does and did.

Keep in mind, he has my vote… but he was not my first choice exactly because of situations like this. His ideological foundation that his premises are built upon is questionable at best. I believe Romney will win this election, but he will need to be watched closely throughout his term.  (This reality will also require many “limited government conservatives” to ride his coat-tails into office. The down ticket matters immensely.)

So why does this man need to have a very strong grounding in Limited Government and Free-Markets?

Because if he wins he will have to extricate government interference from the markets and employ simple, predictable tax law so we can figure out how to invest.  He will have to communicate this clearly and often… almost daily.  He will have to communicate at every step.  He will have to understand, genuinely know, that this is what must be done in order to save the U.S. from fiscal collapse.

So what does that mean?

It means that there will be a ton of pain quickly.  Interest rates will need to skyrocket in order to begin undoing the ridiculous amount of newly printed money that has been pushed into the market. There will be at least a full year of ugliness before economic numbers can begin to improve.   Romney will have Socialists screaming “SEE, SEE, SEE, he’s no better!  He’s even WORSE!  And if the Republicans have any desire to retain the House and Senate in 2014 they will have to be prepared for this, starting at the top.  Retaining both houses will be integral to any possible success, this eventuality will force a very accelerated and painful 2013.  But the up-front pain is only the first step of recovery from our addiction to government and the Socialist paradigm.  This will be a decades long process.

So back to my original point… if this guy is apologizing for making a factual statement, where is he going to be when things get hard?  If he can’t stand by the truth, what will he do when the population needs an explanation, and a lot of them, not an apology?

The covert tape of this Boca Raton fundraiser where he states the facts he is now apologizing for should instead be turned into a campaign ad.  It could only add some clarity to a person best described as Mr. Gray Area.

Mitt Romney does not yet know why he thinks what he thinks.  We can not assume he ever will.  We must surround him with people in the House and Senate who do.

His Fear of truth is unacceptable.

Somebody buy this guy a shot.

It’s a trap!

Why is it so important to raise taxes on the rich?

Because you will all be “rich” soon…

While economists love to agree to disagree, there is not a single one that will tell you that there is no inflation ahead.  While they might argue about the severity, they are strangely unified in this one area.  It’s kind of scary once you understand what this means.  And we can tell them, from the street, that we are already seeing it in food and energy (electricity, gasoline etc.).

So what does this mean?

It means that your dollar is buying less.  Stay with me here, it’s not as complicated as many want you to think.  If you could buy a pound of ground beef for $3 a couple of years ago and now $3 buys you half a pound (because ground beef is $6) then your dollar is buying half as much… or… 50% less.  With me? Simple.

That’s inflation.  Once you get your mind around this then you understand that beef isn’t “going up”… it’s the same beef… the value of your dollar is going down!

This is further exacerbated by the Fed printing more and more dollars as well as the ignorant among us supporting hikes to the minimum wage.  Every time they are successful, they make your dollar worth less.  When there is more of it, it’s worth less… until worthless…  When it costs more to produce… it costs more…

And you are left thinking you got a raise but can’t afford anything with your ‘worth less’ money.

So, the urgency to raise taxes on “the rich” is a trap.  When the “real” inflation hits (I mean big, serious, ugly inflation) wages will go “up” in terms of dollar amounts.  You might think you are getting paid MORE (a raise!) because instead of $30K, your making $50K.  The problem is $50K only buys you what $30K did a few years ago… still with me?  The price of the stuff you want goes up way faster than the supposed increase in what you’re getting paid.

The administration will be telling us it’s a “recovery” because it might look like it if you’re not paying attention to how much everything costs…  (the stock market will “soar”.  You will be “making more”.  Not because you got a raise, or the companies you invest in are doing better, but because the dollar has become worth a quarter of what it was a couple of years ago.  It’s smoke and mirrors.)

Again… back to the point.  The administration wants to raise taxes on the evil “rich” because these rates are set to dollar amounts.  In other words; they will define rich as households that make over say… $100,000 a year.  Stop here and re-read the previous paragraph.

When you were making a household income of $60K because you and your spouse worked, you were not paying high tax rates… and you might have supported “taxing the rich” because in your opinion, those bastards make WAY too much money. Jerks…

Well, now that your making $100K a year (but it’s actually worth less than when you were making $60K a year… ) Congratulations, you’re RICH!  And those tax increases you thought were such a great idea because it’s “more fair” are now applying to you!  Surprise!  You have graduated into the higher tax rate even though you are scraping by because everything around you has become far more expensive.

The politicians know that if they don’t raise taxes NOW they will not be able too when the inevitable inflation sets in and all of us realize our dollar doesn’t buy much.

Stop!  Don’t allow yourself to fall into this trap.

Anytime you here the four letter “f” word (fair) a red flag should go up immediately.  Since there is no such thing as “fair”, they want something… what they want is more control over your money/production because they know they are smarter than you and will spend it the “right way”.  By the way… after 75 years, how’s that going?

We must all resist… vote the proponents of raising taxes out, regardless of party.  Replace these people with those who recognize government spends money in areas it has no business being involved in and sees cuts as the onlyy way to reduce the debt.  In this case, less is truly more.

We have seen this exact scenario occur in the 70’s, 80’s and now with the AMT.  This is not “crazy” talk… The politicians have continued to go back to the well because inflation is just complicated enough for the average persons eyes to glaze over.  (Primarily due to your public education.  Ever wonder why Leftists do everything they can to send their kids to private school?)  This has to stop.

So if we’re going to pay for something, I recommend paying attention not more taxes.

Be prepared for the response you will receive.

The Leftists/Statists will howl… they think every dollar government spends is sacred… so just like a teenager you catch doing something wrong, they’re going to scream, cry and cast blame on the accuser.  It will be shrill… It will be difficult to endure, but’s it’s OK.  We must stay firm, continue to explain and enforce the boundaries and lead by example.

Eventually they will grow up and be productive adults…

(There is an even more sinister aspect to this…  let’s say that I’m full of it and all of the economists are wrong.  The economy sees a full recovery and we begin to clear off the debt we’ve accumulated in order to survive…  you will still “graduate” into the new higher tax brackets.  It’s a win-win for those who want to control you and your money.)