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When a President of The United States says He Claims Responsibility, What Does That Mean?

Seriously, What Does That Mean?

I Don’t Care what Party He’s in. I Don’t Care what Ideology he believes in. (I do, of course, but not in this case.)  I Couldn’t Care less about his Gender, Race, Height, Shoe Size or preferred Breakfast Cereal.

This isn’t about not liking the man…  I genuinely curious.

What Does it Mean when Someone “Claim’s Full Responsibility” for something which is destructive, yet does nothing about it?

By claiming responsibility is he trying to deflect negative repercussions falling upon those around him…  But why would a person do this unless one believes they’re above any consequences or penalty?

In other words, Falling on one’s sword requires a sword.

So is He above any consequences for his actions?

Yes?  Then all of this makes sense.

No?  Then what consequences should he suffer?

Again, What Does it Mean when he say’s he Claims Responsibility?