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Attack of the Killer Candy Bars!

Well… the Food Nazi’s are back.  And since their premise is that you are too stupid to know what is good for you they are proposing some new rules.

Apparently sugar is killing you.  Yep.

If you doubt me, search “ban sugar”.  Also, here is the latest study they use to forward this idea: http://www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/241052.php

What is interesting however is that it must not be killing you dead enough because they are only proposing taxing and regulating it.  This way you can continue to be too stupid to make decisions for yourself and continue committing suicide…  It will just cost you more to do it.  Brilliant!  (Doesn’t this idea discriminate against the poor?)  This does speak to real intentions though.  It’s not about caring as much as it is about raising taxes… Typical.  And, to answer your question, no these people will never leave us alone.

I have some suggestions for these do-gooder liberal-progressive-facsists that need their attention more than my food…

But, I’m for an all out bans… that’s how much I care about you.

My suggestions start but are not limited to:

Spandex, Speedo’s, Fake nails, Tank Tops, Sandals with socks, Fart mufflers, Those plastic testicles guys and lesbians hang from their trucks, Bumper stickers with stupid sayings like “War is not the answer.” (Clearly throughout history it has been), homeless chic (Not sure what this is?  Look at an Occupier.), dreadlocks on anybody other than Jamaicans, calling food organic when all food is organic (unless you eat sand), Subaru’s (which would knock out most of the bumper strip problem)….  I know there is more than just these… I’ll count on you filling in the list with your comments.