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To You Fools criticizing Megyn Kelly…

Okay Morons… we all get that you’re angry about Megyn asking The Donald a question he didn’t like regarding something he did.

… something he did…

Trump said those things.  He called women names.  (Frankly, I don’t care, which probably makes me a misogynist in certain circles but I think women are smart enough to be offended, or not, without my help.)

But here is where your dullness shines…

It also happens to be a question that every Main Stream Leftist Moderator would’ve and WILL ask again.

If Trump can’t deal with it early and often then ‘Your Guy’ is in deep sh*t.

I don’t give a crap about how Megyn is viewed. But I can assure you she is closer to what think you believe in than Candy Crowley.

I realize you’ve all spent a lot on money on jersey’s, but do us all a favor, stop handling your politics like you do your favorite football team. Grow up and demand a bit more from The Donald. If he has a prayer he must… must… must… get this stuff out in the open and out-of-the-way.

Better that Megyn ask it instead of any number of the upcoming ‘objective’ Socialists he will meet in the next debates.

Besides… becoming hysterical when The Donald is confronted by his own actions simply makes you look stupid.

And I personally fight every day to make the point that the only stupid people are the socialist tools used by the Progressives to destroy Our Great Experiment in Self Rule.

You’re not helping.

(That means you tools at Breitbart too… as much as it pains me to say it about Andrew’s Legacy…  And it does.)


Hurray for Mistrust!

According to a recent Study;

Young People Don’t Trust the Government!

Well it’s about D*mn Time..

Considering the Generations before them Trusted the Government and thus created the Rancid Pile of Poo Weasels along with the Statist Structure they Inhabit, I’m pleased to hear someone is coming to their senses.  I supposed the young folks might be taking a look at their inheritance and wondering what the rest of us were thinking.

This Government was not founded on the idea that all good things come from it.  In fact, this country was founded on the idea that limited Government is what would allow the individual to excel, and keeping the Government out-of-the-way, if not out-of-the-way at least close to home, was the key to a successful nation.

We are Never supposed to Trust Government.

We are supposed to recognize that the functions of Government are conducted by exactly the types of people the We Are.  Narcissistic, Egomaniacal, Self-Centered and Deeply Flawed.  The truth is Government actually ATTRACTS those types of people.  So what we try to deny to ourselves is Government over delivers when it comes to those you wish were not running things.  The Founders recognized, based on history, that the only way to address this problem was to Drastically Limit what it was The Government would be allowed to Run… by means of a Constitution.

The product of their deep mistrust of those elected to represent others was Checks and Balances.

So sure were the Founders that the biggest Thug in the Room would quickly take over through ‘legal’ means, they created a check on each of the three separate branches.

This was to Slow Things Down… if not stop things from happening altogether

Some of you Statists have intentionally changed the terminology to “Not Get Things Done…”, which if you mean not Race Forward to the Full Socialization of the United States then I’m good with that definition too.  The wisdom was that it is better the Government Do Nothing than Do Something Bad in terms of infringing on our Liberty.  I continue to Strongly Agree.

In the End,  we are NEVER to Trust Government.  Never, Never, Never!  We were Never, Never, Never, supposed to!

We are to hold all of those we elect to represent us with suspicion… particularly the ones we voted for.  American Exceptionalism Demands it.

We’re not exceptional because of what we do… we’re exceptional because of how we were founded and what that Protection of Freedom and Liberty of the Individual allows us to do.

That’s why we still have the longest waiting lines to come here legally.

However, we’re a mess, and…

Trust in Government is what landed us here.

It’s time for all of us to grow up and return to shouldering the responsibility our Founding Fathers expected us to carry.

If you want to Trust Government for some reason then Trust that They will do what benefits their power and wealth… Or at the very least suspect it.

Sound Cynical?  Well it is… look up the Cynics and understand what that means.  Cynicism is the Watchdog of Freedom.

It is our job to keep a close eye on these flawed humans, because no one else will and they have demonstrated for decades what they do when you aren’t looking.

May be the Children are our future after all.  Let’s hope they Nurture that Mistrust.

And, let’s hope the rest of us learn to recognize mistrust is… Good.

If You’re not in a Hurry… Walk.

Coming off of an interesting morning around town I have to make a suggestion.

If you’re not in a hurry… get out of your car and walk.

Planes, Trains and Automobiles were invented to get us to somewhere faster… faster… than walking.

Do not get upset when you have either no idea where you’re going and/or have decided you’re not in a hurry that other people who do in fact have somewhere to go and do not believe everyone else should suffer because of their possible lack of planning get upset.

It is also not your job to determine how fast someone else should drive. It’s interesting that this behavior only manifests itself when you’re not in a hurry or have somewhere to go…

In other words… as long as you don’t want to get somewhere faster than walking no one else should either.

I know this is the only power you have left in this world and for that I’m sorry for you. But your self-centered ‘Universe Revolves Around Me’ attitude will continue to meet resistance from the rest of us who want to get where we’re going and stay out of everybody else’s way while we do it.

Allow me to list some of your favorite acts:

1. Stopping in the middle of the parking lot waiting for the first space when the lot has 90% of the spaces empty a little further way.  Trust me, you could stand to walk an extra ten feet.  Don’t believe me?  Look in the mirror.

2. Making a right turn across a three lane street because you can’t find it within yourself to drive a little past your turn and come back at it. (This applies to the left turn across the three lane street as well.)  I think my state patented this maneuver but it’s practiced throughout the US.

3. Slamming on your brakes so everyone behind you must go into immediate accident avoidance maneuvers because you forgot your turn was coming up, wanted to switch lanes suddenly, forgot where you were going, forgot who you were, forgot your a-hole on board placard etc.

4. Texting. There’s nothing more to say here except you’re not fooling anyone by holding it your lap and looking down as if it’s the first time you noticed your genitalia. You’re worse than a drunk… at least I might have respect for the drunk because they could have reduced cognitive ability. Your just stupid.  And texting while ‘stopped’ at a red light, stop sign (like you’d ever stop at a stop sign…) or anywhere where there is the POSSIBILITY of someone being behind you is no better.  You are not that important.  Whatever it is that’s going on can wait until you’re not actively threatening everybody’s lives.  I’d prefer you get to the imaginary place you want to go on a bicycle, with a fifth of Jack and a handgun… we’d all be safer.

5. What appears to be downing your favorite pills like Oxycodone, Vicodin or Quaaludes… or whatever special combination you came up with on your own… You are also an A-hole. You need to be relegated to the parks and back allies where We the People have decided we like our Heroin Addicts to hang out. Why? BECAUSE WE DON’T DRIVE THERE.  If you just can’t resist the urge to operate heavy machinery specifically because the warning label on your favorite candy says not to, there are ample roadways throughout the United States where you can drive for days without seeing a single soul.  Find one.  Drive into a ditch there instead of trying to drive us into a ditch here.

6. Having your phone in your hand for any reason. You are in command of a 5000 lb. Missile of Death. Act like it you dumbsh*t. It’s not just your safety… because none of us care about your safety… it’s about the rest of us. Everyone Else. The World.  So Put the Phone Down Fool.

7. Try keeping up with traffic, Asshat. If everyone is passing you… YOU ARE THE ONE WITH THE PROBLEM. I don’t care what the posted limit is. You might recall that once upon a time driving over 55 miles per hour was inherently dangerous according the officer that wrote you a ticket. Now magically on the very same roads, with an exponentially larger number of idiots doing just some of what I outlined above, the limits have been raised in some case 30 miles per hour making what just a few years ago was considered criminally deadly behavior “safe”. The point here is the limits are artificial. They are determined for a number of factors most of which have nothing to do with safety… even though that word is always employed as justification. If safety were the paramount concern… we would all be walking like you should be. Only Terrorists, and idiots with warrants who see cops, drive 5 mph under the speed limit.  Keep Up Jackass.

8. Clearly exhibiting that driving is far too difficult a task for you to practice, probably much like driving a shopping cart or Stroller. Could be your Age… Eyesight… Leg Length… or Handicap… Whatever. We don’t care when you’re jeopardizing our Health. Take the ridiculous Buses and Trains we’re all forced to pay for which we do not use because the task of driving is not too difficult for us. You are the only serious obstacle on the road. Opposite the Invisible Hand the amount of Destruction you leave in your path is incalculable.

9.  Just because you are capable of driving with one hand doesn’t mean it’s ok to have the other hand’s thumb up your butt, or in your purse, or blindly hunting for something on the floorboard.  Make and effort to think… think… think… about what you’re doing when you’re behind the wheel of a car.  If you want to do other things pull over… and find a place where we aren’t.

10.  Move over… you idiot.  If you’re in the Left lane…. for that matter, if anyone is passing you on THE RIGHT… here in America that means YOU ARE DRIVING TOO SLOWLY.  Move over into the available lane on your RIGHT.  It doesn’t matter if YOU THINK you’re driving fast enough.  YOU’RE NOT.  You have no idea what is going on in the other cars… and frankly it’s none of your business unless you’re a cop.  And you ARE NOT A COP.  I had a guy in a Prius make damn sure I wasn’t going to speed while I had a dying dog on my lap and I was trying to get to the vet ASAP.  So empowered did this A-hole feel that he actually endangered everyone on the road by searching for and retrieving his camera so he could make a show of taking my picture.  Meanwhile the Chihuahua on my lap was going into full convulsions.  The Dog died… I made it to the vet a few seconds late?  Who knows.  But there’s an balding middle-aged idiot out there who feels good about himself.  Next Time… just GET OUT OF SOMEONE ELSES WAY and feel good about knowing your place in the Universe.

11.  Oh yeah… At the very least, ACT like you had somewhere to go before getting in your car.  The simple pretending you know where you’re going will do wonders not just for your driving skills, but for the rest of our mental health.

12.  Stop signs mean STOP.  We all hate them.. (but not as much as round-abouts). but exhibiting the inability to follow the simplest of commands probably indicates why your life is so difficult.  A Stop sign does not mean roll through it.  It does not mean ‘ignore’ if you think no one is looking.  It also doesn’t mean pull halfway through the intersection then Stop.  As well it does not mean that stopping behind the person stopped at the Stop sign counts as YOU STOPPING.  Seriously, it’s no wonder 47% of you are unemployed.

Remember, when we honk it’s not because we’re in the wrong… it’s because you’re a self-centered, narcissistic A-Hole.  And, for a fleeting moment in your life someone cares enough about you to let you know.

If you decide someday that you’re not all that special and try not doing just a few of the above listed items… well…

From the Rest of US,

Thank You.

Bumper Nation

(I love the word “Jalopy”.  Originally posted… a while back.)

I’d like to offer up a few suggestions for the Republicans… at least the Republicans that I would vote for, so Fiscal Conservatives… to consider.

I’m a Huge believer in “Simple, Powerful and Direct” when it comes to communicating ideas. The following are what I call “Bumper Strip” statements and could be used as such. Frankly, these could be handed out across the nation and many folks “across party lines” would slap them on their 1980 Volvo. Anyway…

There is a stark difference between a “clever” or “smart” bumper strip and an inane one.

Here are some examples of inane bumper strips you have probably seen on a jalopy in front of you…

“Who would Jesus bomb?” – Well, aside from Sodom and Gomorrah… how about the NAZI’s to stop them from burning Jews?  Stalin, to stop him for killing tens of Millions of his own people?  Mao, for doing the same?  Pol Pot for fertilizing the fields of Cambodia with anyone who could read?  While I could go on I hope I don’t have to.  So are we to read this bumper strip that Jesus would have tolerated such behavior… aside from Sodom and Gomorrah of course.  (May be when he did that he was his Dad?  A different manifestation of himself?  Not around yet, so that was just his Dad?  Around but not in human form?  Better rely on the theologians here… I get so confused.)

“Peace not War” – OK… define Peace.  This one is so stupid it hurts my head.  Who’s definition should we use?  Ghengis Khan’s? Hitler’s? Stalin’s? Kim Jung Un’s?  Bashar Al Assad?  Quadaffi?  Saddam?  Obama?  Bush?  Mine?

“Coexist” – Again… OK.  Even when we fight for the protection of the life and liberty of humans we are “coexisting”, so WTF does this mean?  If it means “Can’t we all just get along?” then “NO… we can’t.”  I will not get along with people like Hitler… Mao… Nasrallah… or anyone else who wishes to subjugate, enslave and/or murder people.

“No Blood for Oil.” – This is ridiculous because the premise is we have an alternative… which we do not.  We’re working on it though.  So, let’s assume we were just a Solar nation… if a bunch of A-holes figured out a way to block out the Sun from shining on our country do you really think we would not go to war?  Of course we would… and of course there will be blood for oil, right up until we have other viable options and then there will be blood for energy.

Again, I hope I’ve made my point here.

A “smart” bumper strip should lead to solid, easy to define, well thought out arguments that can be implemented and are not based on some utopian fantasy.  They should be statements that can easily lead to a conversation based in reality should you walk out to your car and be confronted by an Occupier… assuming you parked in the middle of a drum circle.

The colors should be “black and white”… because the answers to these problems are indeed, black and white.

“Stop Spending, Stop Spending, Stop Spending!”

“We Have No Money!”

“Nobody Owes you Anything.”

“Don’t Like China? Stop Asking Them For Money.”

“Don’t Like Big Oil? Stop Buying It.”

“It’s the Debt Dummy.”

The above should also be used for every interview and essay for the next 10 years.

Just for fun, and just for the rest of us…  If you really want to be provocative in an intelligent way here are some ideas:

“There’s no such thing as a bad teacher, apparently they all are equally inept.”  Which should be in close proximity to “Thank a College Professor if you can read that.”

“I insist on rules for other people.”

“I only vote for people who give me things.”

“I’m your responsibility.”

“Self-sufficiency takes effort, and I’m just not interested.”

“You owe me everything because I’m old.”

“I’m living off of your money!  Ha, ha, ha…”

“I’m not in a hurry… so I’ve decided it’s my job to make sure you’re not either.”

“I’m the person who stops in the middle of the aisle, because I’m important.”

“You’re an idiot!”  (This one is brilliant because if you are an idiot you certainly don’t think you are… and if you’re not you wont be offended.)

“I’m the kind of special that requires a helmet.”  (Not really relevant, I just like it.  And it’s true.)

So fire up Cafe Press and let’s get these out to the masses!  With enough of these we should be able to make sure no-one parks next to us.  Might be just in time for the Holidays!

Of Course the Floor is Open to any ideas you all might have.  I’ll list them all as updates.  Have fun.