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Have you Forgotten…

…about Benghazi, Fast & Furious and North Korea having a Long Range Ballistic Missile yet?  How about the impending doom of fiscal insolvency due to Social Security, Medicaid and Medicare spending?

None of this rings a bell?


As long as you have forgotten then the current Administration doesn’t have to explain themselves to you.

Move on (.org)… nothing to see here.

Except banning guns… and getting rid of any modicum of fiscal responsibility like the debt limit, or spending cuts… and hate speech is on deck since we seem to be in the mood to ban stuff.

Seriously, stop paying attention to that which is reality based and surrounded by unpleasant facts. Stay focused on hypotheticals and only those issues whose proposed solutions would continue to erode your individual rights.  Banning Guns, Banning Hate Speech, and increased levels of Domestic Surveillance… that should take care of the 1st, 2nd and 4th Amendments.  We may want to park some soldiers in your house for a few days without your permission sometime in the near future just to fill in the gap.  We’re working on that one… we’ll get back to you.

So remained focused on gun violence… but not in Chicago.  And ignore the crime wave associated with mental illness and gangs… because it is actually the wheel… sorry, the gun’s fault.

It’s imperative we stay on the path of fiscal insolvency driven by a unanswerable, nebulous, government… with the best of intentions.

Keep your heads in the game here folks… spend, spend, spend… punish those who create jobs… and keep those wars going.  Have you tried the “Rocky Mountain High”?  You should… need a match?

This has been a public service announcement from George Soros and the DNC, those people who care more about you than you do… and are here to help.


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When Teachers go on Strike

…Do our kids get Smarter?

By any objective measurement, be it Local, State, Federal or Global the more money taxpayers pour into education the further our children, as a group, fall behind. Simply put, the more we spend the dumber they get.

So the answer is yes… when teachers stop teaching our students stand to become smarter.

The statistics don’t lie.

Don’t give me “The Parents are to Blame…” propaganda.  The parents have never historically cared any more or less than they do today… and the more the Public Schools positioned themselves as taxpayer-funded baby sitters rather than serious educators the more the public came to see them as such.  The only people who should be upset are all of us who have paid for this debacle.  We should all walk out into the middle of the street, shake hands, then begin kicking ourselves for allowing it to happen.

If you think I’m wrong, Prove it.   Let’s cut all Federal Education Dollars while banning Public Service Unions and chart the Progress over a few years.

The only downside I see is that our children will be deprived of the steady diet of subtle socialist indoctrination.

It can’t get any Worse…