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Birds of a Feather…

Taking a cue from the Muslim Brotherhood, the Occupy movement (what is left of it) has decided to get hair cuts and “disguise themselves in business attire” in order to gain access to mainstream society. And just like the Brotherhood, they have no intention of joining the society of productive citizens, instead they wish to change it into something else.
Where the Muslim Brotherhood have an edge on the Occupiers is that they have a plan… The Occupiers are still living in the basements of their parents homes, eating their food, playing video games and surfing porn.
This above is what elevates the Muslim Brotherhood to serious consideration (granted, serious terrorist a-holes) versus the ridiculous, aimlessly wandering poseurs known as Occupy.
It should also be noted that the Occupiers had a protest over the weekend. Missed it? Yeah, so did everybody else.  Using Paul Krugman’s logic, at least it created “work” for those having to clean up after them.
It will be interesting to see how these 20-somethings deal with the early onset of impotence. (I’m not sure they make a pill for this yet.  Or may be that’s what Xanax is for.)
Another organization they share something with is the Chicago Teachers Union who are attempting to extort more money from an already bankrupt City while hoping to make the current administration look good in the process.

Both the Occupiers and the Unions are screaming in a vacuum.

It looks like the Obama Administration is about to join them.
I’m happy leaving them all there.
And now, Back to the Middle East…