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The State of 2015

I tuned into the SOTU speech and initially thought I was watching something produced by Aaron Sorkin. Then recognizing the production values were not as good as I would expect from him, I thought I might be seeing something from another country given the rosy state of everything the guy speaking was talking about.  (I even broke out into a few bars of ‘Everything is Awesome‘)

It was only after I noticed what had to be a shiny silver liquor decanter sitting in front of an old orange man just off the left shoulder of the guy speaking that I knew I had the right speech.

I lasted about 10 minutes.

Being told that up is down, black is white and right is wrong only works with me for about that long… and that’s making an effort. It’s possible I lasted a bit longer as I remember the President of the United States taking credit for low gas prices. Much like a serial killer taking credit for all of your good deeds after he decides not to kill you.

I didn’t watch the rest.

So I would rather talk about Deflated Balls.

Look, I know that steroids have played a major role in the NFL, but I just can’t understand how Deflated Balls helps anyone.  Possibly the wide receivers, but then only marginally at best.  How much friction and drag do you actually lose?

Then Yesterday I learned that Tom Brady “liked” deflated balls.  Fine… whatever floats your boat… but again, whatever your thing is should have no place on the football field.  Today Joe Biden chimes in that he also likes ‘a Softer Ball’.  OK Guys… enough already.

Now, apparently, there are all kinds of accusations flying around about the Boston Patriots having Deflated Balls.

I can’t decide if this is just trash talk or frankly stated observations.  If it’s trash talk, save it for the game.  If it’s statements of fact, I think these are issues to be dealt with when the players are ready and then only if they choose to deal with them.  Leave them alone.

So there you have it…

We should all stop talking about Balls.

That’s the State of the Union for the first 3-weeks of 2015.

Deflated Balls… a metaphor?

Kind of sums it up.