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Why are the Democrats Angry?

Could it be that Harry “Why would I help a child with Cancer” Reid, Senate Majority Leader, and the rest of the Democrat Party finds the taste of their own Medicine Bitter?

Do the Democrats in the Senate, along with President Obama, really want to start a war on our own shores… with Senior Citizens, Veterans, Parents of Kids with Cancer and the rest of the American People?

Will President Obama stand by and allow his Party to stop Social Security Checks? Can the Liberals truly intend to starve senior citizens? Make them go without heat? Have their homes foreclosed on by the Evil banks?

Will they force Veterans to lose their benefits and services?

Yes… they will.

Harry “I don’t have a Negro Dialect” Reid just refused to allow the Senate to vote on funding the VA. ( Just now. As I type this.)

I guess I shouldn’t expect someone who doesn’t care about kids with cancer to care about Veterans.

If you voted Democrat… this is your party in action.