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No… I’m not talking about what a Liberal male gets when looking at a scantily clad Barack emerging from the surf.

What I’m referring to here is the merging of Hollywood Elitists and the Current Administration.

Since the 30’s there has been a close tie between the theater and politics.  Without going into too much detail it is safe to say that the relationship has continued to blossom over the last 80 years.  I personally believe the close ties to the Left in today’s acting community has more to do with accelerated wealth and the guilt that accompanies it than any real deep consideration of governing theory, but that should be left for another post.

What I want to talk about here is Hubris.  There is a mindset in Hollywood that they are the smart folks… the ones who tell you, the masses, what the world is really like.  In their minds, without them you wouldn’t know the evils in the world nor would you realize how racist, homophobic, self-centered and ignorant you are.

The above combined with a kind of ZEN they subscribe too from being in control of all of their stories.  After some time they begin to believe they are infallible.  It is no wonder they subscribe to Socialism.  As Hayek put it; it’s a fatal conceit.

Think about it for a moment… when you control the story your hero is always prescient.  He knows the right answer and makes it, if he doesn’t then “the universe” steps in and magically makes it for him in order that the movie can get to the 220 minutes required of a full length film.

This is the world they live in… there is not a single item, occurrence or result that is not planned… successfully.

Here’s the interesting part; they continuously attempt to project this super-planning power onto reality through politics.  They live in the same fantasy that other Socialist do in regard to “planning”, only on steroids.

This is the trap for fools…

The Obama Administration is seeking not just opinions from their large Hollywood donors, they are accepting direction.  There is not a single person in Hollywood who would turn down such an opportunity.

The President is running out of time.  He must come up with a message that resonates.  He is gladly embracing the ideas of Hollywood as demonstrated by the recent assistance given by Steven Spielberg regarding Bain Capital.  (whoops.) With a small amount of effort you can recall the many Stars he has solicited money and advice from Cloony to Damon and Affleck etc, etc.

You all should know that this is a good thing.  Living in a fantasy world is just that… a fantasy.  In the real world the actors don’t have all the right answers and the universe is as ambivalent as one would expect it to be.  No-one is waiting for the director to say “rolling” and the script writer is not on hand in case things don’t go the way you want.

The Obama Administrations marriage to Hollywood is perfect and I promote it.  It is exactly what he needs to do and ironically is a metaphor for Socialism and it’s guaranteed habitual failure.  But really, who else would you go to in order to promote the myth of Socialism than Professional Liars?