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“I’m sooooo confused.”

(A repost for Independence Day from 021012)

An interesting comment came across a couple of posts back from a person I happen to respect. I thought it was worth exploring because it seems to be a sentiment I hear often.
“I see little difference between the two men.”  (Romney… or Anyone vs. Obama)
What is basically being said here is “it doesn’t matter which person I vote for”.
Well, if you’ve visited many of my posts you know it matters to me… and I’m clearly not a Romney fan.

My response:

It comes down to the ideological direction of what I consider the greatest country on the face of the Earth because of the way we were founded.  We’re not the smartest, best or the magically chosen people…  it is our Constitution which limits government and our Bill of Rights which preserves the individuals right to property which makes us different from all the world.

It is understandable to “see little difference” between the two men running for President if you have a “media packaged” understanding of Socialism and Capitalism.  Do not assume the Media know what they’re talking about either.  Sans a teleprompter, many of the “smartest” news readers fall appallingly short of intelligent.  (Many of us confuse Fascism for Capitalism…  this is intentional on behalf of the Media.  They have even coined the term “Crony Capitalism” in the hopes of keeping you confused.)

I’m fully aware that I can lead the horse to the water…

But if one is looking for clarity…
Searching for knowledge is the only way. Reading for one’s self from the mouths of those who know, rather than allowing someone like me, or a talking head, tell you what they think is the course you must take.  Otherwise you become a Useful Idiot (Lenin’s words, not mine).

I do not like to suggest reading material. I truly believe a persons search for truth is his and his alone… but a nudge might be welcomed. May be not. We’ll see. This is now the third time I have done so. I promise to restrain myself. I swear.  (I also have a simple law I live by… never, never, never recommend a book you haven’t read.  I will not.)

In Regard to Our founding:

The Founding Documents

Common Sense with The Age of Reason – An atheist for those who think we were founded by a bunch of “stupid” Christians.  Paine’s atheism does not come through… but simple minds discount brilliance for simple reasons, so I thought I’d mention it.

In regard to Free-market Capitalism:
Capitalism The Unknown Ideal
Capitalism and Freedom with Free to Choose

In Regard to Socialism:
The Communist Manifesto

Google/Bing/Search any of Lenin’s writings on Social Democracy, Imperialism etc. Visit the websites of The Communist Party USA and The Socialist Party USA.  Pay particular attention to what they want and who they endorse.  This will give you a current snapshot of who they are.  I will not provide links… I’m sure you can manage this on your own.

On the War between the Two:
Conflict of Visions

Fatal Conceit

On Understanding tactics of the Left:

Rules for Radicals

On the insipid argument that “times have changed” and the founders never anticipated the problems we face today:

The Federalist papers

When you listen to others absent critical thought, you allow them to tell you what to think.  (This, of course, includes what I say as well.)  There’s nothing wrong with listening as long as you do not trust what you hear.  The responsibility to be educated is yours.

The above recommendations simply scratch the surface.  But it is a start.  Even if you make it through only one of these, you’ll be better for it.  If you know you’ll read only one, I suggest Conflict of Visions.

I assume many of you have limited exposure to much of this and if you have run across some of these it was probably when you had little basis to understand it paired with no one equipped to explain it.  (I recently went back and reread many of the “classics” I was exposed to in middle and highschool.  It was amazing.  While remembering many of these stories they took on an entirely new, and previously not offered, meaning to me as an adult.)

If you can make it through this little primer it will lead you to many, many more writings.  Notice who these authors reference… look at who they listen to.  Find the references and read them too.

From this point forward when you watch MSNBC and you hear Romney will lose… then you watch FOX News and hear Obama will lose (which I’ve yet to hear… but I digress.), you will hear much more than before and be able to read deeper into what is being said.

I make no promise that it will alleviate confusion, but it will go a long way to understanding what’s going on right in front of you.  And… the difference between men.

As the Russians put it, the real meaning is in the white spaces.