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Do you Teach your kids to Compromise with Evil?

“There are two sides to every issue. One side is right and the other is wrong, but the middle is always evil.”

This is a quote from Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged.

And, it’s correct.

The Left has spent an inordinate amount of time and energy demonizing the concept of “seeing things in Black and White”. (Followed quickly by telling you that you shouldn’t talk about religion and politics during “polite” conversation.)  The reason for this is Leftist Progressives know their victories depend on compromise, ignorance, or both, because their demands viewed outright, and understood, would always be rejected.

Socialists realize you must be “nudged” in the direction they want you to go… that is, when they lack the ability to Force you in that direction.

As Rand has explained, seeing things in Black and White has always been equated with seeing things in terms of Good and Evil. If you cannot see things this way then you have not spent enough time thinking about your premises… in other words, the foundation of exactly what you believe.  This exercise alone will clarify your thinking.  You might find yourself being a Socialist… hopefully not, but at least you will get closer to the truth.

Once you have given the proper amount of thought to an issue you arrive at the Right decision and the Wrong decision. Everything “In the Middle” is simply a compromise with the Wrong Decision.

This is why “Bipartisanshitt” and Moderates, such as Establishment Republicans like Paul Ryan, John McCain and Karl Rove, who wail “why can’t we all get along” are truly the misguided among us.  The Governing Theories of Individual Freedom and Control over the Individual are mutually exclusive.  They are oil and water.  They do not mix.  They cannot be mixed.

Compromise is why we are Broke and Printing Money as fast as we can.

Compromise is why past Congresses have run up the bill well past our ability to pay.

Compromise is why we are fighting against the last piece of the Socialist puzzle which is Obama Care. 

Compromise is why Government is in every part of our lives. 

Compromise is why the Government is listening to our phone calls and reading our mail. 

Compromise is why we have lost our Right to Privacy… and by extension, our Freedom.

Either Embrace Evil… or Reject it.  But don’t Compromise with it.

Getting Along has Got us Here.



Causing a Problem to Solve.

Don’t think that the sticker shock to both people able to get through to the exchange websites was an accident.

The Policy Prices were always supposed to be too high… and the exchanges were never intended to attract people to sign up.

In fact, the exchanges were simply supposed to scare the crap out of everyone so the Administration could step in and “solve” another crisis, with Single Payer.

What they didn’t plan on, however, was attention being brought to the cause of these high prices and this dysfunctional Socialized Health Care Scheme.

The Obama Administration is about to be forced to begin their War on “Big” Insurance Companies Early.

Obama Care is bad, bad, bad, and too many people are realizing it. (Many of us understood this when it was tried under Clinton… but I digress.)  The President has been forced to own his Socialist Healthcare Scheme by the likes of Ted Cruz, Rand Paul, Mike Lee, et al.

But Remember!  The Folks in the White House cannot allow the Holy Grail of Socialism to be crushed… no matter what!

They need someone to Blame. (Pull out your copy of The Prince. I’ll wait.)

Machiavelli made the important point to his Prince that you need an enemy. That Enemy becomes particularly important when you are doing something to the population they don’t like. While you’re doing it you point the finger of blame at your Enemy… in this case, the Insurance Companies.

Niccolo also told his Prince to say whatever it took… whatever the peasants wanted to hear, and then do whatever you needed to get what you wanted even if it was the exact opposite of what you said five minutes ago.  (We are seeing that right now with “We Will Not Negotiate!”, “I’m Willing to Negotiate.”, “We Will Not Negotiate!”.)

This was recommended because the Peasants, it was thought, were too Stupid to see the truth.  Sound Familiar?

The Administration must begin telling everyone who will listen, that Big Insurance is responsible for all the ills they are experiencing with their Health Care.  Particularly sky-rocketing Premiums, when in fact it is coverage mandates resulting from Obama Care which is the culprit.

Blaming Big Insurance will find a home with the Useful Idiots… without any question. But it could ring true with others as well, which is why it will be somewhat effective in diverting the attention and blame from the Presidents Hallmark piece of Legislation.

But this is all to Plan!

Because, this is all about Single Payer.

And, you can’t get there until you put the Insurance Companies out of business.

The Socialists have created the problem so they can Solve it the Way they Want to… Because it’s just not Fair until we all have Crappy Health Care.

So get ready…

Ice the Beer…

Here we go!

(It’s also worth noting that Socialists have enjoyed huge success ‘Creating Problems to Solve’.  The Housing Bubble… Congressional Insider Trading… Pay Inequality… Sexual Harrassment in the Workplace… Enviornmental Apocalypse… The Right to a Phone… on and on…)


Defunding Obama Care and The Alamo

I’m tired of hearing about how Obama Care “Will not be Defunded!” as Senator McCain is so excited to remind us.

That’s not the point.

Let’s recall the Alamo… they lost.

But news to Senator McCain, the reason The Alamo is important is because they Knew they were going to Lose… but Winning was Not the Point.

They fought the fight anyway.  They didn’t run away… they didn’t quit… and they sure as sh*t didn’t listen to people like you telling them they couldn’t do it.

It was a stand on Principle which lead to years of organized resistance against Imperial Spain (I’ve already received push back on this regarding Santa Ana… I’m leaving it, and if anyone genuinely cares they can challenge me in comments and I’ll explain.  I know, for the record he was fighting for Mexico – at the time.)  and arguably one of the most successful States in the Union to this day.

I’m well aware the days McCain stood for principles of Pragmatism have long left him. If they haven’t, then he must have very different set of principles than his constituency would approve of.

But every effort Must be made to Defund, Dismantle and Deconstruct this Affront to Liberty, Freedom and Free Market Capitalism a few Great Men of the Enlightenment gifted to the world.

We may lose, and We may Lose Often, but it’s the Right Fight.

Another Bulletin to the Very, Very Senior Senator;

It’s how the Left has operated for a century, and considering Socialized Health Care is the last piece of their Socialist puzzle one must admit they have done quite well.

I know you’re from Arizona Senator, but I might remind you and the rest of the Establishment Republicans to;

Remember the Alamo!

Oh wait… you’re not on our side.

Will Harry Reid and the Democrat Controlled Senate Shut Down the Government?

Will the Senate Shut Down the Government by trying to send the bill back to the House?

Will they try to strip the defunding of a Wildly Unpopular piece of legislation against the Will of the American People?

Will Harry Reid try every Dirty Trick in the Book to avoid a Vote?

Do the Democrats Hate individual freedom so much that they will force a Draconian Health Care System on us while Exempting all Their Friends?

Stay Tuned and let’s see if these are the questions asked on every News and Opinion show across all the Networks for the next week?