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Wanting to Smoke Pot…

… legally does not make you a Libertarian.

Thinking Gay Marriage approved by the government is the Right idea… does not make you a Libertarian. (Actually, I would offer that it disqualifies you. If you think begging some government bureaucrat to validate your marriage, gay… straight or otherwise, is how it should be then you are certainly not a Libertarian.)

If you believe there should be open borders, only for the United States, which many of you do if you think clearly about what you think you’re thinking… it does not make you a Libertarian.

Let me help here.

While all the above can be part, reasoned rationally, of being a Libertarian,

The first step, the very first step, is being a Free-Market Capitalist.

If you don’t think so, or more likely you don’t know what a Capitalist is except what your friendly Closet Socialist Comedian has told you, then its high time you learn.

Most of you will not do this.

You will not do this because it requires time and effort on your part.  Understanding the meaning of stuff also requires reading, unfortunately the odds are you went to government schools and are Functionally Illiterate so you will not do that either.

Instead, you will continue to allow other people who know what it means, and want to make sure you never learn, tell you what they want you to think it means.

Or better yet, you’ll ask your friends who are equally uninformed explain to you what it means… and you’ll go with that.

Whatever you choose to do, all I’m asking is…

Please stop calling yourself something of which you have no comprehension of its meaning.

Figure your Shit out before playing with the rest of us.

Trust me, it’s worth it.

And the rest of us will thank you… because we want you to play.