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When Teachers go on Strike

…Do our kids get Smarter?

By any objective measurement, be it Local, State, Federal or Global the more money taxpayers pour into education the further our children, as a group, fall behind. Simply put, the more we spend the dumber they get.

So the answer is yes… when teachers stop teaching our students stand to become smarter.

The statistics don’t lie.

Don’t give me “The Parents are to Blame…” propaganda.  The parents have never historically cared any more or less than they do today… and the more the Public Schools positioned themselves as taxpayer-funded baby sitters rather than serious educators the more the public came to see them as such.  The only people who should be upset are all of us who have paid for this debacle.  We should all walk out into the middle of the street, shake hands, then begin kicking ourselves for allowing it to happen.

If you think I’m wrong, Prove it.   Let’s cut all Federal Education Dollars while banning Public Service Unions and chart the Progress over a few years.

The only downside I see is that our children will be deprived of the steady diet of subtle socialist indoctrination.

It can’t get any Worse…