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The Bourbon Diet.

Have you tried all those other diet fads only to gain all that weight back?

Are you tired of feeling awful while trying to stay trim?

Well help is on the way!

This is the Revolutionary Diet that your doctor will never tell you about!

Welcome to the Bourbon Diet! 

So simple a six-year-old could do it!  (I’ve never seen this happen.)

Follow these easy steps:

1. If you are hungry pour yourself one ounce of the bourbon of your choice.

2. Drink the bourbon.

3. Wait two minutes exactly.  Still hungry?  Repeat steps 1 through 3.

Note:  Your hunger is guaranteed to subside or you’ll pass out!

There is the added benefit of occasional involuntary purging… leading to even further weight loss!

Our Diet replaces that bothersome ritual of morning tooth brushing!

You’ll be a hit at the office, for a while!

You’ll be envied for your trendy “nightclub” scent!

Good luck and enjoy that slimmer, trimmer, way cooler you!

(The side effects of this diet are too numerous to list and it is not recommended by any medical professional… or anyone else.  This diet is not intended for anyone under 21 years of age or operating any kind of machinery.  The Bourbon Diet is not recommended for six-year olds. This is not associated in any way with the vodka diet.  It might seem similar but it’s completely different.  WAY more American.  This Diet has been Successfully practiced throughout Washington D.C. for over 50-years.  This Diet is in no way associated with AA or any for-profit rehabilitation centers.)

(Originally posted 012212)